All Officers:

  • Must attend officer meetings and general membership meetings.
  • Meet at least twice a month as an Executive Board to coordinate all chapter activities, including activities covering all Phi Theta Kappa Hallmarks: leadership, scholarship, fellowship and service.
  • Work on developing the Phi Theta Kappa Honors in Action and College Projects together.
  • If funds permit, be available to represent the chapter at Phi Theta Kappa Regional and International Conventions as well as college sponsored events. This generally involves a State Leadership Conference in October, the Phi Theta Kappa Regional Convention in February, the International Convention in April, the Regional Officer’s Academy and Honors Institute in June, and the Regional picnic at Hershey Park in August.
  • Maintain weekly office hours at the Phi Theta Kappa Office and post these outside of the office on the bulletin board. Also, answer all messages left on the answering machine.
  • Collaborate in the writing of the Hallmarks.


  • Plan the agenda for weekly meetings and run the meetings.
  • Meet with advisors and other officers weekly to discuss chapter activities.
  • Maintain regular contact with the staff in Student Life and Activities, the Dean of Students (Dean Mulligan) and the Dean of Faculty (Dean White), and keep them informed of our chapter functions.
  • If requested by the administration, represent Phi Theta Kappa at college-wide functions.
  • Make sure all required College forms are completed properly and in a timely fashion for all our functions and activities (this includes securing rooms and requesting audio-visuals, etc.).
  • Complete all necessary forms required by Phi Theta Kappa headquarters. This includes our involvement with the 5-Star Chapter Development Program, etc.
  • If funds permit, be available to represent our Chapter at the Phi Theta Kappa Middle States and International Honors Institute in June.
  • Work with the VP of leadership to coordinate our Chapter’s leadership activities within the College and the Phi Theta Kappa regional and international level.


  • Attend weekly meetings and in the absence of the President, run the meetings.
  • Coordinate the preparation of all induction Ceremony functions: preparing certificates, name tags and programs, decorations, etc.
  • Work with Prof. Wilson to send out the acceptance letters to eligible inductees and non-acceptance letters to ineligible applicants two times a year.
  • Coordinate the end of the year Phi Theta Kappa Awards Banquet, including making a list of Kappans and faculty to recognize, preparing certificates, and securing special awards.
  • Our Chapter’s newsletter.
  • Keep accurate records of all chapter functions, including photos, how many members and non-members participated, outcomes of the program, and assessment forms for each program.
  • Write or gather from other officers brief descriptions of each function and forward it to the ECC public relations office for inclusion in the College’s monthly newsletter and to our Chapter’s VP of Web Management for inclusion in our Chapter’s website.
  • Design a poster board to display of our most important events (2 per semester).


  • Take minutes at meetings; type up and distribute to all officers and advisors by the next meetings. Also, send any important updates from general membership meetings to members after every meeting.
  • Coordinate communication with Chapter members via telephone calls, e-mails, and/or mailings.
  • Supervise the regular preparation and mailing of chapter newsletters to members and regional officers.
  • Maintain frequent communication with the Middle States and International Headquarters via their web sites and/or e-mails.
  • Send out thank-you letters when appropriate (faculty who participate in our programs, blood donors, etc).
  • Write or finalize all types of proposals needed, with the help of the assistant secretary.
  • Assist the secretary as needed.
  • Secure a copy of our PTK Chapter membership database (our Chapter’s Gmail account) and update it.
  • Get a list of new inductees from Prof. Wilson and update our membership files twice per semester.
  • Prepare a list of names, e-mails, addresses and telephones of all active members at chapter meetings and keep them informed via e-mail of all upcoming activities.
  • Daily maintenance and organization of the Phi Theta Kappa e-mail inbox.
  • Notifying the Secretary via text/e-mail of any upcoming deadlines such as pending proposals, officer team notifications, urgent emails, etc.
  • Sharing the responsibility of taking minutes at officer meetings with the Secretary (every other meeting or bi- weekly).
  • Collaborating with the each other to efficiently maintain communication amongst the chapter members as a whole.


  • Keep all financial records (school records and our chapter’s) and communicate regularly with chapter advisors, keeping them informed of fundraising activities.
  • Supervise and coordinate regular fundraising events, including our Kente stoles sales, our Book Sale, and other fundraising programs.
  • Prepare proposals to request funds from SGA for Kappans to attend the regional and international conventions (2 times a year) and make the required appointment with SGA to present the proposal with them.
  • Brainstormin to gather fundraiser ideas.
  • Write articles describing fundraising activities to include in our chapter newsletter and web-site.
  • Make necessary purchases for bake sale, induction, PTK awards gala, ordering food for events, etc.

Vice-President of Public Relations (Includes Publicity, Communications, and Membership):

  • Communicating with administration.
  • Supervising the College Project with the President and Vice-President
  • Helping plan and supervise chapter orientations (one per semester).
  • Recruiting new members (inviting them to our PTK orientations and events).
  • Filing our paperwork for the print shop.
  • Contacting the ECC Facebook page to post about our events.
  • Posting flyers around the school concerning our events.
  • Writing the content for brochures, programs for events, flyers, etc. and sending the writing to the VP of Management to format.

Vice-President of Service:

  • Conduct at least 1 service activity per semester (park clean-up, walk for cancer, etc.).
  • Keep track of volunteering hours for all members of our chapter.
  • Do all paper work for service activities.
  • Write articles describing chapter activities under the service hallmark to include in our chapter newsletter and web-site two times a year.
  • Reach out via text/e-mail/Facebook to get members to volunteer at our activities.
  • Prepare the Distinguished Chapter Member award.

Vice-President of Fellowship:

  • Communicate with regional, international, and local chapter officers and facilitate joint programs.
  • Maintain constant contact with regional, international, and local chapters around the region.
  • Network with other chapters and organizations in and out of campus.
  • Attend all Interclub Council Meeting (ICC Meetings).
  • Communicate with other clubs when we want to partner with them or work with them.
  • Write articles describing Chapter activities under the fellowship hallmark to include in our Chapter newsletter and web-site.
  • Maintain ongoing communication with Student Life and Activities (SLA) staff and other ECC clubs.
  • Pick up all materials from our PTK mailbox at the Clara Dasher Center and inform Chapter members of all upcoming SLA programs and activities.

Vice-President of Scholarship:

  • Gather scholarly journals to be used as foundation for the HIA Project.
  • Work with other VPs for the HIA and other programs.
  • Assist with the completion project.
  • Inform and assist members about scholarship opportunities.
  • Create and update the Honors in Action (HIA) Journal.
  • Inform and assist members with college applications, resumes, etc.
  • Complete the Scholarship Hallmark for the regional and international awards.
  • Always have updated information on members such as e-mails, and time of graduations.
  • Invite colleges to talk to members (if availability permits).
  • Work with Secretary to make proposals to attain grants.
  • Work with Treasurer about scholarship money.
  • Assist with the paperwork for College Project, Administrator Award, Presidential Award and others.

Vice-President of Hallmarks:

  • Supervise the preparation of all award entries to make sure they are properly prepared and submitted on time. This includes the Phi Theta Kappa regional awards entries, Phi Theta Kappa international awards entries, etc.
  • Edit entries for Hallmark awards and other programs.
  • Make sure that all officers meet internal an external deadlines for Hallmark Awards entries.
  • Coordinate the writing of articles to include in the our chapter’s newsletter/website.

Vice-President of Web Management:

  • Update and improve our current web-site monthly.
  • Prepare flyers, brochures, and event programs for all PTK functions as needed. Keep all electronic copies in an organized file.
  • Manage all social network pages (Phi Theta Kappa Facebook Groups, Tumblr, and Twitter).
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