Phi Theta Kappa offers a large diversity of scholarship opportunities. Phi Theta Kappa Transfer Scholarships alone total $36 MILLION and are offered by some 600 four-year colleges and universities. Other scholarships Phi Theta Kappa members can benefit from include the $2,500 All-USA Academic Team, All-State Academic Teams, Coca-Cola Scholarships, the $5,000 Guistwhite Scholarships, The $90,000 Jack Kent Cooke Undergraduate Transfer Scholarships, Leaders of Promise Scholarships, nomination to the National Dean’s List, and New Century Scholars. Most of these scholarships are exclusive to Phi Theta Kappa members.

Alpha Theta Theta Scholarships:

Chapter Scholarships —Coming Soon!!!—

Financial Assistance:

Federal Aid

  1. FAFSA –
  2. FAFSA4caster –
  3. Help with FAFSA –
  4. Essex County College Office of Financial Aid –
  5. Financial Aid Eligibility Requirements –

Non-Federal Aid

  1. CollegeFish –
  2. PTK Scholarships –
  3. College Scholarship Service –
  4. Essex County College Scholarships –
  5. and other Scholarships search engines. Beware of scholarship scams and be careful who you give your personal information to!

College Planning:

The following powerpoints and documents are intended to help you with the Transfer Process a Returning and Graduating student. It is important that you start early because the Transfer process is not a one time event; it starts when you become an Essex County College Student. As a Returning student it is important to plan your academic year at ECC as soon as possible to make sure that you graduate on time and that the classes that you take are transferable. It is okay to change your major while you are at ECC, but you must be mindful that some of your courses might not be applicable to your new major. To make sure that you are on the right track, talk to your academic counselor or the Transfer counselor, Tracy Cooper in Room 4122C. As a Graduating student, along with classes, family and work responsibility, you have to make time to fill out applications and meet deadlines. It might seem impossible at first, but it can be done if you start early, create concrete and flexible deadlines and do not procrastinate.

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