Academic Achievement Award

This scholarship is presented to graduates who have demonstrated outstanding achievement.

  • GPA drastically increased 6 consecutive semesters
  • Voluntary work in some capacity at Essex County College
  • Leadership development and role in dome club at Essex County College
  • Acceptance at a four-year college or university in the fall semester

Accounting Service Award

This scholarship is given by the Business Division of the College to outstanding graduates.

  • Must be an Accounting major

Administrative Association

This scholarship is given by the Administrative Association of the College to outstanding graduates.

  • Has maintained a 3.0 or better grade point average
  • Has been accepted for admission to a four-year college or university
  • Demonstrates intellectual curiosity, professional promise and leadership qualities/li>
  • Has been active in extracurricular activities for the past two years

African Student Association Award

  • Minimum GPA of 3.0 or better
  • Must be a student from the African continent
  • Demonstrated dedication to community service and student activities both on campus and in Essex County

Business Division Award

  • Demonstrated academic promise
  • Made significant contributions to the college or community

Charles G. Lovallo – Community & Continuing Education Scholarship

  • The graduate must have been enrolled or participated in a Community and Continuing Education program
  • Demonstrated academic performance (Minimum GPA of 3.0)
  • Completion of a 250 word essay, “How the Community and Continuing Education program/course contributed to my academic success.”
  • Acceptance into a four-year institution, professional school or employment following the awarding of an Associate degree
  • Applications for this scholarship can be obtained from the Community & Continuing Education department

Connie Woodruff Scholarship

  • Minority graduate
  • Newark resident
  • Essex County resident
  • Academic performance or promise
  • Personal perseverance
  • Upper division student/ 3rd semester in Nursing program
  • Any exceptions can be made by the Nursing scholarship committee

Darlene Liggins Scholarship

The scholarship has been established by Peggy R. Urso-Savarese in memory of Darlene Liggins who attended Essex and became a successful marketing manager and director in both the communication and banking industries.

  • Female business major
  • Highest grade point average

Dingler Foundation Scholarship

This scholarship was established by the trustees of the Christian and Teresa M. Dingler Foundation. Its purpose is to provide financial assistance to promising students from Essex County who have demonstrated the ability to succeed academically and plan to continue their education upon graduation.

  • For students graduating from Essex County College who have been accepted to a four-year college to continue their studies in a medium or high-technology program
  • Demonstrated academic promise and performance
  • U.S. citizenship or permanent residency
  • Resident of Essex County

Division of Biology, Chemistry & Health Technologies Scholarship

  • Science graduates who have exemplified academic achievement

Dora M. Campbell Counseling Award

  • Significantly contributed to the human welfare of others through his/her involvement with members of the Essex County College community
  • Must have demonstrated and directed his/her ability, interest, and involvement towards the improvement of human relations
  • Proof of acceptance into four year institution

Dr. Ladylease G. White Honors Program Award

Dr. Ladylease White is the founder of the Honors Program at Essex County College and has established this award to recognize and provide financial assistance to students who exemplify the ideals of the program. The funds must be used for educational materials at the four year institution.

  • Completed all the requirements for graduation
  • Demonstrated academic excellence with a 3.0 GPA or higher

EOF Community Advisory Board Scholarship

The scholarship was established by the EOF department for an outstanding graduating student from the EOF program.

Engineering Technologies & Computer Sciences Scholarship

The scholarship was established by the faculty in the Division to award graduating students in the degree programs of the Division.

Essex County College Alumni Association Scholarship

Alumni of the College donate funds to decrease the costs associated with attending a four year institution.

  • Demonstrated scholastic achievement
  • Affirmed their commitment to continue their education through enrollment in a four-year institution Executive Dean of Student Services Scholarship

Faculty Association Scholarship

Each year the Essex County College Faculty Association (ECCFA) provides scholarships on behalf of the Faculty to outstanding students.

  • Minimum GPA of 3.5
  • Faculty Association Scholarship Application Form for Graduating Students
  • Faculty Association Scholarship Application Form for Returning Students
  • Graduating student: The student must be certified eligible for graduation by his/her department and the college
  • Returning Faculty Scholars: The student must have complete 30 credits of non-developmental course work (courses numbered 100 or higher) required by his/her curriculum
  • The candidate represents in character and achievement those qualities which the ECCFA Scholarship Committee extols as an exemplary student worthy of public recognition.
  • Faculty testimony must state in writing that the candidate is a student who is not only an exemplary scholar, but also makes a contribution to the scholarly pursuits of other students

Fashion Entertainment Board Scholarship

  • Graduate who has been active in the Fashion Entertainment Club as well as other college and community activities
  • The recipient has to demonstrate the ability to succeed academically and plans to continue his/her education

Final Push Scholarship

This scholarship was established by the Criminal Justice department for a Criminal Justice major who has three classes or less to graduate. This award is presented to a student who is not eligible for financial aid and needs financial assistance to complete his/her course of studies and graduate with a Criminal Justice degree.

  • Must maintain a 3.0 or better GPA and register for all the courses needed for graduation

Florence Wideman Bey Scholarship – E.O.F. Students Only

  • City Of Newark resident
  • Must be at least 35 years old
  • Active in extracurricular activities with the college
  • Demonstrated leadership qualities within the community
  • Has been accepted for admission to a four-year accredited college/university
  • Must be a female representative of the E.O.F. student population
  • Completed a full-time credit load each semester with a GPA of 2.0 or better
  • Maintained an cumulative GPA of 3.0
  • The student must submit a personal written assessment of how the E.O.F. program assisted you while attending Essex. (This assessment is in addition to the general essay requirement if you are applying for another scholarship.)

Groove Phi Groove Social Fellowship

The NJ chapter has established the “Fellowman Heyward W. Robinson, Jr. Achievement Award” to provide financial assistance to males who are graduating from Essex County College.

  • Must be a male student
  • GPA of 3.0 or above
  • Demonstrated community service
  • Proof of acceptance to a 4 year institution

Hispanic Heritage/Andres V. Cubero Scholarship

The scholarship was established by the Hispanic Heritage Month Committee.

  • Must have a GPA of 2.75 or better
  • Demonstrated commitment and involvement to Essex County College and/or the community
  • A graduating student earning an Associate Degree
  • Must be a continuing student at a four-year college
  • An acceptance letter from a four-year college by September 1 of the awarded year

Hon. Patricia Juliano Memorial Scholarship

  • A single mother
  • Active involvement in civic advocacy or political causes
  • Maintain a 2.5 GPA or better

Humanities Division Award

  • Demonstrated outstanding ability in English
  • Must be a Liberal Arts major with a minimum GPA of 3.0 or better
  • Completed a minimum of four courses at the 101 level and above
  • Maintained an average of at least 3.5 within their major courses
  • Eligible to write an essay on a topic specified by the faculty and under the supervision of the department

Janet May Memorial – West Essex Advisory Board

  • Demonstrated academic promise and performance
  • Eligible student with highest GPA ranking graduating from the West Essex Campus of Essex County College
  • Completed 30 or more credits at the West Essex Campus toward an Associate degree
  • Proof of acceptance into a four-year institution of higher education
  • U.S. citizenship
  • Demonstrated service to school and/or community

John R. Wood Memorial Scholarship

Named in honor of the College’s first Acquisition Librarian, this scholarship is presented to a graduate who has demonstrated a sincere interest in humanitarian endeavors.

  • Minimum GPA of 3.0
  • U.S. citizen or permanent resident
  • Proof of acceptance to an accredited institution
  • Completion of an essay on a topic to be announced by the library

Kandice Dickinson “Woman of Achievement Award”

The award is given to a single parent with two or more children.

  • Demonstrated community service
  • Acceptance to a four-year institution
  • Minority female
  • Permanent resident
  • Single, head of household
  • Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better

The Leaguers, Inc. Award

The award is to provide access to higher education for needy and deserving African American students who have demonstrated the ability to succeed academically.

  • Demonstrate academic promise and performance. (Minimum GPA of 3.20)
  • African-American male or female
  • U.S citizenship or permanent resident
  • Demonstrated financial need
  • Demonstrated community involvement
  • Proof of acceptance into a four-year institution
  • New Jersey resident

Drs. Mary B. and Reynold E. Burch Scholarship Fund

  • Graduating minority African-American student
  • Accepted at a four-year college, university or professional school to pursue the arts or allied health
  • A prospective applicant should demonstrate exceptional acumen, talent, skill and potential in the arts or allied health fields

Mathematics & Physics Division Scholarship

  • Student must complete at least MTH 122 at Essex County College
  • Student must have taken a minimum of 16 college-level credits in Math at Essex County College
  • Math GPPA of 3.0 or better in courses taken at Essex County College
  • In the event of ties, the overall GPA of courses taken at Essex County College is considered

Phi Theta Kappa

  • Member of the Phi Theta Kappa, the national honor society for two-year college students

Presidential Scholarship

This scholarship was established in 1979 by the President of the College. Its purpose is to provide access to higher education for needy and deserving students who have demonstrated scholastic achievement, community or college involvement, hold F-1 visa status, or served in the Armed forces.

  • Must include acceptance letter to a four institution with application

Robert Sydney Needham Memorial Scholarship

  • Must be a graduate of a NJ High School
  • Demonstrated history of community service or campus leadership

Patricia & Ronald M. Palmeri Memorial Scholarship Mother & Son

  • Minimum GPA of 3.0 grade or better
  • Proof of acceptance to a four-year institution

Sidney Johnson/ Arthur Williams Award For Science

The Alpha Phi Alpha, Lambda Chapter, located in Newark, NJ established the annual award in 1982.

  • Restricted to minority students majoring in either Biology, Engineering, Nursing and/or related science programs
  • Demonstrated academic promise and performance. (Minimum GPA of 3.20)
  • Involved in extracurricular activities while in attendance at the college
  • Two letters of recommendation from faculty
  • Participation in commencement exercises
  • Interview by Alpha Phi Alpha

Social Work Student Association Scholarship

  • Has been an active a member of the Social Work Student Association
  • Who is completing a degree with either a Human & Social Services or a Social Sciences major
  • Has attained at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA

Thomas Alelov Memorial Scholarship

  • Male graduate
  • Enrolled only at the West Essex campus
  • Outstanding achievement
  • Acceptance and attendance at a four year institution

Vickie Ann Grosso Memorial Scholarship

The award is given to an outstanding student in Nursing.

  • Demonstrated community service
  • Outstanding academic achievement
  • Recommended by the Nursing Faculty

William Blades/ESL Scholarship

  • Awarded to an outstanding student who began their academic career at Essex County College by enrolling in ESL courses.

Xiomara Torres Legacy

This scholarship, for E.O.F. students only, was established by the E.O.F. Department in honor of beloved Professor Xiomara Torres who was the Director of the E.O.F.

  • A typed essay not to exceed 300 words on the following topics: Describe how one can achieve academic excellence and contribute towards student life and activities; or How has Essex County College affected your outlook on life
  • Completed a full-time credit load each semester with a GPA of 2.0 or better
  • Maintained an cumulative GPA of 3.0

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