General Statement

Scholarships and awards are presented to members of the graduating class who are deemed outstanding based on established criteria.

    Monetary awards are presented to graduates who have demonstrated academic promise and made significant contributions to the college or community.

The Community and Continuing Education Scholarship was established in the 93-94 academic year by all of the staff in the Community and Continuing Education area. Its purpose is to recognize students who participated in one or more of the area programs. Awards will be based on academic achievement and financial need.
The Community and Continuing Education Area Scholarship fund may award up to $1000.00 per year to one or more students who best meet the outlined criteria.

The criteria for the award are as follows:

  1. The graduate must have been enrolled or participated in a Community and Continuing Education program: Adult Learning Center; College Bound Program; Community and Extension Programs; Education Opportunity Fund (EOF); Next Step/Reentry Programs/FORGE; FOCUS Extension Center; Ironbound Extension Center; On-Campus Continuing Education; Public Safety Academy; Student Support Services; Talent Search; Training Inc.; Uniform Construction Code; Upward Bound; WEC Continuing Education and Community Services; West Essex Campus; W.I.S.E Women’s Center; Workforce Development Programs; and Youth Programs.
  2. Demonstrated academic performance. (Minimum GPA of 3.0)
  3. Completion of a 250 word essay, “How my Community and Continuing Education program experience contributed to my Academic success.”
  4. Acceptance into a four-year institution, professional school or employment following the awarding of an Associate degree.

This scholarship is presented to a science graduate for academic achievement.

    The Dora M. Campbell Counseling Award will be presented by the Divisional Counselors to the Essex County College graduate who has significantly contributed to the human welfare of others through his/her involvement with members of the Essex County community. These efforts may have been in the improvement of relationships within the
    college or between the community and the college. The involvement could be exemplified by contributions to those members of the Essex County College community who have special needs. The most important criterion and consideration is selecting a recipient for this award is that the graduate must have demonstrated and directed his/her ability, interest, and involvement towards the improvement of human relations. This year the monetary scholarship presented with the award is $200.00.
    The faculty in the English Department gives an award to a student who has demonstrated outstanding ability in English. All liberal arts students with a grade point average of 3.0 are eligible for consideration. The students must have completed a minimum of four courses at the 101 level and above and must have maintained an average of at least3.5 in these courses. Each eligible student must also write an essay on a topic specified by the faculty and under the supervision of the department. The essays will be evaluated by a faculty committee from the department who will also select the recipient of the award.
    Requirements to be considered for scholarships in the Math & Physics Division:All candidates must qualify to graduate in none of the majors normally serviced by the Division of Mathematics and Physics.Category I
    Students who started in zero level courses at Essex County College:
  1. Student must complete at least MTH 122 at Essex County College.
  2. Student must have taken a minimum of 16 college-level credits in Math at Essex County College.
  3. Math GPPA of 3.0 or better in courses taken at Essex County College.
  4. In the event of ties, the overall GPA of courses taken at Essex County College is considered.

Category II
Students who did not take zero level math courses at Essex County College:

  1. Student must complete a minimum of MTH 122 at Essex County College.
  2. Student must have taken a minimum of eight college-level math credits at Essex County College.
  3. Math GPA of 3.0 or better in courses taken at Essex County College.
  4. In the event of ties, the overall GPA of courses taken at Essex County College is considered.
    An award is presented to an outstanding media production graduate form a scholarship fund established by noted communication executive Guy Lebow.
    This scholarship has been funded by alumni donations and periodic funds received from Hoffman-LaRoche. It is intended as a scholarship for graduating students to assist them in continuing their education.Criteria:
  1. Following receipt of Spring Semester grades, the grade point average of the graduating nursing students are evaluated.
  2. The two students who are determined to have the highest grade point averages in the graduating class are named valedictorian and salutatorian and receive $500 in scholarship monies each.
  3. Should there be a tie, the $1000 award is divided amongst the students. The amount of each award is determined by the Nursing faculty.
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