Students seeking scholarship assistance must adhere to the following procedures:

  • Step One: Secure applications from the Student Life & Activities Office, Room 107B, Clara Dasher Student Center, or select the appropriate online application.
  • Step Two: Complete applications and attach all necessary documentation and return them to room 107B prior to established deadlines.
  • Step Three: Scholarship Committee meets for the purpose of reviewing all applications and forwarding its recommendations to the Executive Dean of Student Success.
  • Step Four: The Executive Dean of Student Success will forward recommendations to the President for Final Approval.
  • Step Five: Students awarded scholarships will be sent acknowledgement letters by the Scholarship Committee Chairperson with instructions relative to tuition payment. Students denied scholarships will be sent letters notifying them of the Committee’s decision.
  • Step Six: Students who do not maintain established academic promise, will have his/her scholarship retracted for any subsequent semester.
  • Step Seven: At the end of the semester, the student is to send the scholarship donor a letter expressing his/her progress and gratitude.

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