Our GOAL is to raise the graduation rate at Essex County College by using the Hip Hop culture to empower and educate students. Hip Hop has the ability to transform a generation of youth into aspiring leaders. In true essence, Hip Hop is Love, Peace, Unity, Health awareness, and Wealth. Hip Hop is a lifestyle that embodies music, dance, art, spoken word, poetry, beat boxin’, fashion, language, knowledge, and entrepreneurialism. In summation, Hip Hop is the true World Order and the New American Revolution. The Hip Hop Student Association aspires to bring a better understanding of the role that individuals can play on campus and in the community to represent the totality of Hip Hop on a larger scale.


President: Lydia Ola-Lorraine Lawrence


Contact: hiphopstudentassociation@gmail.com

Contact Information

Student Life & Activities
Clara Dasher Student Center; Room 107
303 University Ave.
Newark, NJ 07102
Phone: 973.877.3208