Two Week Sessions

TUITION: $335.00 + MATERIALS FEE: $15.00 = $350.00


Camp Discovery: Grade 1 (as of Sept.)

This two-week program will give children preparing for first grade an academic foundation as they discover the joys of learning. Phonics, reading, math, science and penmanship will be addressed along with creative arts, computers, and recreation.
Session I: Grade 1
Session II: Grade 1
Session III: Grade 1

Computer Blaster: Grades 2-6 (as of Sept.)

Children learn many things in different ways and with computers, they will discover different tools and ideas for using technology. This educational and enjoyable two-week program designed for beginners and proficient youth includes Keyboarding, PowerPoint, Computer Graphics, Internet, basic web-page design, as well as fun and recreational activities.
Session I: Grades 5 – 6
Session II: Grades 3 – 4
Session III: Grades 2 – 3

Educational Program: Grades 2-6 (as of Sept.)

This program offers two-weeks of academic enrichment for students entering the second through sixth grades in September. Program design is based on the premise that learning can be fun. The curriculum entails instruction in reading comprehension, writing, math, computers, recreation, and creative arts.
Session I: Grades 3 – 4
Session II: Grades 2 – 3
Session III: Grades 5 – 6

Educational Program II: Grades 7 and 8 (as of Sept.)

This two-week program is designed for seventh and eighth graders to provide a balanced program which encompasses literacy & writing, mathematics & pre-algebra, study skills & test prep, in addition to computers and recreation.
Session I: Grades 7 – 8
Session II: Grades 7 – 8
Session III: Grades 7 – 8

Express Yourself: Ages 8 – 13 (current)

This program offers two-weeks of dance and acting for students with an interest in theatrical expression. Instruction will consist of dance classes in ballet and modern musical theatre jazz, along with fundamentals in acting and script reading. Participants will see the dance and drama come to life as they display their talent in a final performance at the end of each two-week session.
Leotard, tights and ballet slippers required.
Session I: Ages 8 – 13
Session II: Ages 8 – 13
Session III: Ages 8 – 13

Golf & Tennis: Ages 7-13 (current)

It is never too late to start the games of golf and tennis. This program invites boys and girls at all skills levels that have not played golf or tennis but show an interest in the games. The goal is to develop basic sport skills, instill good sportsmanship and self-discipline to become the best player possible.
Session I: Ages 7 – 9
Session II: Ages 10 – 13

Money Matters: Grades 1-6 (as of Sept.)

This financial program will introduce children to the key concepts and practices of wise money management using familiar terms and interesting examples. Financial knowledge can give children different perspectives on how to count, spend and save money in a useful way. Help your child to take advantage of his/her future earning years.
Session I: Grades 5 – 6
Session II: Grades 1 – 2
Session III: Grades 3 – 4

Soccer: Ages 6-12 (current)

This fun program will introduce and demonstrate the basic skills of soccer to include field positions and rules. Through fun & games, participants will have the opportunity to learn teamwork and sportsmanship.
Students MUST wear sneakers and shin guards (soccer cleats optional); Students can not eat 1 hour prior to physical activity.
Session I: NO CLASS
Session II: NO CLASS
Session III: Ages 6 – 8 AND Ages 9 – 12

The Young Artist: Grades 2-6 (as of Sept.)

Creativity exists in everyone and for two weeks youth will explore their inner artistic abilities by recognizing their own style through imagination, interpretation, and perception. This interactive program emphasizes creativity and self confidence while having fun by learning new ways to express artistically. It also features a variety of drawing lessons and art projects which will range in scope from uniquely designed journals to imaginative sculptures. Projects will be showcased at the end of each session. This program is offered in conjunction with KidzArt®; “If you can dream, You can draw.”
Session I: Grades 4 – 5
Session II: Grades 5 – 6
Session III: Grades 2 – 3

Bricks 4 Kidz®: Grades 2 – 3 (as of Sept.)

For two weeks youth will learn, build and play with LEGO® bricks creating an Amusement Park and a wild & wacky Animal Kingdom. They will have the opportunity to enrich their science, math and engineering skills in creative and exciting ways. They will explore facts about carnival rides and the zany biology of our animal friends; they will build several motorized models each day, and they will play fun challenge games. All participants take home a custom mini-figure at the end of the program. This program is offered in conjunction with Bricks 4 Kidz®
Session I: Grades 2 – 3
Session II: NO CLASS

Ultimate Claymation/Toy Films: Ages 8 – 13(current)

This is specifically designed for youth who like to make something out of nothing! Whether you want to recreate your favorite scene from Shrek with a piece of clay, make your toy come to life, or invent an original short film, this program will allow you to produce a movie with just an idea. Students should bring their own toy or action figure from home. Clay, most supplies, and equipment will be provided. All films will be available on a password protected website to share with friends and family. This program is offered in conjunction Black Rocket Productions.
Session I: NO CLASS
Session II: Ages 8 – 10 & Ages 11 – 13

3-D Video Gaming: “Beyond 2D Traditional Gaming”

In this program, youth will learn the physics behind 3D games, explore beginner event scripting, level design, controlling flow of game-play and storytelling. As a bonus, students will learn the basics of creating 3D modeling using new industry grade software to design their very own characters and import them into their favorite Minecraft games. This program is offered in conjunction with Black Rocket Productions.
Session I: NO CLASS
Session II: NO CLASS
Session III: Ages 8 – 10 & Ages 11 – 13