To be determined for Summer 2014 – below see last summer’s course selections


Strike Up the Band

Whether you’re an accomplished musician or a musical novice, our method of music instruction focuses on a non-notational approach to learning music. Explore your favorite, popular music styles such as: rock, blues, rap, hip-hop or reggae, while developing your perfor-mance, composition and improvisation skills, too.
*Instruments provided

Thinking Geometrically

Roll up your sleeves and get ready to explore the visual and physical world of math! In this course you will be exposed to basic geometric concepts including measurement, angles, lines, planes, similar poly-gons, congruence, etc. while working on fun projects and amazing math games that easily reinforce those principles. Get a jump start on your peers and find out how “Thinking Geometrically” can develop your math understanding exponentially.

Video Game Programming

Do you like to play video games? Would you like to know how they are made? Well, this video game programming course can show you how! Learn the essentials of game programming and create your very own video games with the help of an easy-to-learn programming lan-guage.
*Flash drive required


Learn, through a system of exercises, how to connect your mind and body, and build-up your strength, flexibility and concentration. Yoga techniques can teach you the relaxation secrets that will help you to focus on daily activities with less stress and more self-confidence.
*Yoga mat and loose clothing required.

Photoshop Flip Flop

Learn how Fine and Commercial Artists use various techniques in Adobe Photoshop to create, edit, manipulate and enhance images to produce amazing results. You will find that your digital imaging will take on a whole new dimension as you apply those same skills to produce masterpieces of your own!
*Flash drive required.

Public Speaking & Debating

Are you nervous about speaking in public? Do you have trouble getting your point across? Well this course is designed to develop public speaking and debating skills to help build self-confidence. Topics covered
in this course include voice modulation, attention focusing, idea pyramids and reasoning.
*Flash drive required.

Sculpting & Water Color

Take your fabulous, creative ideas and turn them into fine art pieces to show off to your family and friends. In this course you will learn the basics of sculpting and water color while enhancing your spatial perception, visual memory and fine motor skill, too. Stretch your imagination and turn your ideas into true works of art!

Stop Animation

Turn your story ideas into dynamic, quick flicks with Stop Animation techniques. In this course, you will learn how to group your digital pictures in a time-sequence pattern to produce one-of-a-kind stop motion videos.
*Flash drive required.

Chess Challenge

Did you ever think a game could help you to develop critical life skills such as logical thinking, creative problem solving, concentration and organization? Well this one can! Come and learn basic moves and strategy and have a blast while doing it.

Creative Expression

This free spirited course is designed to unleash the creative writer within you. Explore fun and varied ways to tap your creativity and express yourself through different writing styles and forms. Take your writing skills to new heights and put together a writer’s portfolio to be proud of.

Fun with Forensics

Let your investigative imagination soar like a real-life forensic scientist as you learn the basics of crime solving. Find out the “who, what, when, where, how and why” through effective interviewing techniques, attention to details and accurate record and data organization. Each super sleuth will conduct simple tests and apply critical thinking skills to solve each caper.

Hip Hop Fitness for Kids

Designed exclusively for kids, Hip Hop Fitness classes “rock” with specially choreographed, kid-friendly routines set to music that kids really love. Have fun dancing to the beat and getting some heart healthy exercise, too!
*Loose clothing and sneakers required.