Dr. Margaret Stevens Director

Dr. Margaret Stevens

The Urban Issues Institute (UII) is a lab for individuals who want to develop their leadership skills and civic duty. Giving back to the community is a way of life; we at UII research daily a better way of promoting the importance of community service. Students come to the Urban Issues Institute office to get focused, to debate about critical current events that affect both local and international territories. They also come for our events, to come help register people to vote, to participate in our long-term programs; and to see what newly elected official, local activist or celebrity could be walking through the door. Students enjoy the energy that flows in UII That energy is shared with pride and laughter while learning how to build a positive community.


We also take our lab outdoors—into the community. This is what makes UII unique and indispensable for Essex County College. Urban issues Institute bring together positive thinking with positive action; which produces results and betters the individual from a holistic perspective. We develop and foster greatness.


Urban Issues Institute is an organization that research urban issues that may include housing foreclosures, crime in the community, sentencing, and immigration. UII supports advocacy against domestic violence, assists with campaigns that promotes registering to vote, and encourages HIV awareness and validates the significance of getting tested.

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Margaret Stevens, Director
Urban Issues Institute
A. Zachary Yamba Building; Room 4171
303 University Ave.
Newark, NJ 07102
Phone: 973.877.3239
Email: uii@essex.edu