Urban Issues Institute supports the creative arts and enjoy having an eclectic sense of style. On our office walls (partially pictured above), visitors will be able to enjoy artwork that features local artists residing in the Newark surrounding area and Essex County College students. The beautiful pieces featured also include African wood burned art and saw-dust paintings. UII is accommodating and friendly in the layout of our office space in order to maximize mingling and creative thinking. Our style is like the United Nations; you can see every type of culture represented. We are proud of our ethnic diversity in staff and internship structure. Individuals from Newark, the West Indies, Europe, and Latin America are represented in our staff.


Each of our programs has requirements in order to participate. Participation guidelines are listed under appropriate program titles.


We offer programs that include:

  • leadership development with paid summer stipends for ECC students
  • scholarships for voter registration and civic engagement
  • featuring of annual programs for HIV/AIDS testing and awareness
  • partnership with nonprofits organizations and community stakeholders to offer panel discussions
  • conferences and internships that foster greater awareness about critical urban issues in the community

Types of services and programs offered:

  • Annual summer Leadership Boot Camp, paid stipend 3-week programs
  • Annual Hip Hop Summit featuring world-renowned celebrities in the entertainment industry
  • Annual World AIDS Day and Black HIV Awareness day testing and panel discussions as well as films and community partnerships
  • Annual voter registration scholarships for ECC students