Academic Affairs Council
The Academic Affairs Council serves to see that students of Essex County College get top notch education. The Academic Affairs Council is dedicated to ensuring every student of Essex County college achieves maximum success during their college experience.

Communications Council
The Communications Council does the talking and communication for the Student Government. The Communication council serves to spread information around efficiently utilizing available tools including social media, posters and even face-to-face contacts.

Community Relations Council
The Community Relations Council helps bridge the gap between the SGA and the community by organizing community service events for the organization.

Grievance Council
The Grievance Council helps students with any college related issues. The Grievance Council was created to provide solutions to problems that get in the way of Essex County College students’ academic experience.

Scholarships Council
The Scholarships Council creates and implements scholarship programs to support students of Essex County College. This council also serves to ensure students are well informed of available scholarship programs.

Technology Council
The Technology Council liaises with the college’s technology department to plan and implement initiatives to improve the college’s technological resources. The technology council also ensures students are offered essential technology to contribute to a pleasant learning experience.

West Essex Council
Designated at the West Essex Campus, this council serves the students of the West Essex Campus at full capacity of the SGA.