Corporate and Business Training Partnerships

Education doesn’t stop just because you’ve started your career. If anything, it becomes even MORE important to keep learning to stay ahead of changing times.

That’s why ECC provides training for local companies, to keep those organizations ready to compete in the modern workplace.

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Available Programs

Essex County College customizes its corporate training programs for each company. Some such classes include: 

  • Business Communication – 12 hours
  • Written Communication – 12 hours
  • Customer Service Communication – 12 hours
  • Computer Classes:
    • Windows
    • Access
    • Excel 1, 2, & 3
    • PowerPoint 1 & 2
    • Word 1 & 2
    • Cloud Storage
  • Soft Skill Classes:
    • Diversity
    • Respect in the Workplace

Training can take place at Essex County College’s campus locations, or on company premises. Class days and times are flexible, and can be customized according to each situation.

NJCCC Grant Funded Skills Courses Are Workshops grant-funded through the New Jersey Community College Consortium

Corporate and Business Training Center offers grant-funded skills workshops through a grant from the NJDOLWD in cooperation with the New Jersey Community College Consortium for Workforce and Economic Development. Businesses and non-profit agencies (non-government) are eligible to participate.

Open enrollment classes are held on our college campuses for individuals working 20 hours or more for non- government New Jersey employers.

Contact us and tell us how we can help accommodate your training needs:


Ramon D’Aguilar

(973) 877-3378


Carmen Pichardo

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Natalie Lee Pow

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