ECC in China 2020

Essex County College Classes in China for 5 weeks

Chengdu –China Summer 2020 – June 29 – July 31, 2020

The Summer in China Program is part of ECC’s Center for Global Education & Experiences Initiative. Both ECC students and students from around the world will have the opportunity to take summer courses and earn ECC credit through this program. All the courses offered at ECC’s Global Education Program in China are equivalent to those offered at Essex County College.


ECC Classes in China

1 ACC101 Principles of Accounting I – Financial 12 HST102 World Civilization II
2 ACC102 Principles of Accounting II – Managerial 13 HST112 American History II
3 ART102 Art History II 14 MTH 121 Calculus with Analytic Geometry I
4 ART107 Drawing I 15 MTH101 Probability and Statistics
5 CSC121 Computer Science I 16 MTH122 Calculus with Analytic Geometry II
6 ECO101 Principles of Economics (Macro) 17 MTH239 Introduction to Linear Algebra
7 ECO102 Principles of Economics (Micro) 18 PHI101 Introduction to Philosophy
8 ENG105 Technical Writing 19 PHY101 Physics I
9 ENG109 Effective Speech 20 PSY101 General Psychology I – Personality & Social Aspects
10 FIN101 Introduction to Finance 21 REL105 Comparative Religion
11 HST101 World Civilization I 22 SOC101 Introduction to Sociology


*Please note that the above are the institutional syllabi for each course. Final syllabi for each course will be determined and disseminated by the individual course instructors on the first day of classes.



If you have any questions regarding the summer program in China, please contact Dr. Akil Khalfani at



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