Steering Committee Membership

MemberTitle(s), Area/DisciplineSteering Committee Role(s)
Jeffrey LeeFaculty, Program Coordinator, Environmental ScienceCo-Chair

Evidence Inventory Team Leader
Leigh Bello-de CastroAssociate Dean, Student Affairs/Special ProjectsCo-Chair

Communications Team Leader
John RunfeldtExecutive Director, Institutional Effectiveness, Planning, and AssessmentAccreditation Liaison Officer (ALO)
Germaine AlbuquerqueChair, Business DivisionStd. I Working Group Co-Chair
Aneliia ChatterjeeLibrarian, FacultyStd. I Working Group Member
June PersaudAssociate Dean, Academic Affairs/Special ProjectsStd. I Working Group Co-Chair
Alvin Williams Dean of Faculty and Chief Academic Officer Std. III Steering Committee Liaison
Keith KirklandDean, Student AffairsStd. IV Steering Committee Liaison

Student Outreach Team Leader
Patrice DavisFaculty, Program Coordinator, Social SciencesStd. V Working Group Co-Chair Std. V Steering Committee Liaison
Mohamed SeddikiExecutive Dean/CIO, Administrative and Learning TechnologiesStd. VI Working Group Liaison
Yvette HenryExecutive Director, Human ResourcesStd. VII Steering Committee Liaison
Yelena LyudmilovaAssistant Director, Education and Computing TechnologiesStd. V Working Group Member

Evidence Inventory Team Member

Standard I Working Group Membership

Germaine AlbuquerqueChair, Business Division
Dora CastroCollege Services Assistant, West Essex Campus
Aneliia Chatterjee Librarian, Faculty
June Persaud, Co-ChairAssociate Dean, Academic Affairs/Special Projects
Phyllis WalkerAssistant Director, Financial Aid
Viral BhattAssistant Professor, Humanities & Bilingual Studies
Michael DoughtieDirector, Athletics

* Steering Committee Liaison –

Standard II Working Group Membership

Shadiquah Hordge (Chair)Transfer Coordinator
Hamid AlouachAdjunct Professor, Physics
Karen BridgettAssociate Director, Human Resources
Nessie HillFaculty, English
Serrietta JohnsonTechnical Assistant, Student Life and Activities
Myrna ScottFaculty, Nursing
Christine Soto
General Counsel

* Steering Committee Liaison –

Standard III Working Group Membership

Eunice Kamunge (Co-Chair)Chair, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics Division
Elvira Vieira (Co-Chair)Dean, Community, Continuing Education and Workforce Development
Emmanuel AdepoFaculty, Math
Olalekan AdetoroAdjunct, Biology
Frank DuroyFaculty, General Science
Ines FiguerasFaculty, Math
Jeffrey JonesAdjunct, Math
Akil KhalfaniFaculty, Director, Center for Global Education and Experiences, Africana Institute
Mikal NashFaculty, History
Charles PinderhughesFaculty, Social Science
Margaret StevensFaculty, Humanities
Leola Taylor-BandeleFaculty, Librarian
Lynn WilsonFaculty, Biology

* Steering Committee Liaison – Alvin Williams, Dean of Faculty and Chief Academic Officer

Standard IV Working Group Membership
Caroline Beretta (Co-Chair)Educational Opportunity Fund
Jamil Graham (Co-Chair)Director, Student Life and Activities
Kathlyn BattleFaculty, Social Sciences, Counselor, Student Development & Counseling
Patty HowardAssistant Director, Financial Aid
Mirian OchoaStudent Services Representative, Enrollment Services
Joseph OttProgram Coordinator, Student Life and Activities
Sonia RiosAssistant Director, Enrollment Services
Shalia StoryStaff, Graphics
Ada TorresLecturer, West Essex Campus
Diane Young-GarrettAdjunct Professor, Social Sciences
India Calloway
Lecturer, Educational Opportunity Fund

* Steering Committee Liaison – Keith Kirkland, Dean, Student Affairs

Standard V Working Group Membership

Yasser Kabakibi (Co-Chair)Faculty, Biology/Pre-Med.
Patrice Davis (Co-Chair)Faculty, Social Sciences
Ezdehar Abu-HatabFaculty, Biology
Samantha BranniganAssistant Director, Institutional Effectiveness
Gennevieve DanvilleFaculty, Program Coordinator, Nursing LPN
Jamal ElborjEnglish Coordinator, Humanities
Ledawn HallDirector, Men and Women of Excellence Scholars Program
Yelena LyudmilovaAssistant Director, Education and Computing Technologies
Brooke OroszFaculty, Math
Beatrice SpitzerAdjunct Faculty, Business
Bridget TurnerAdjunct Faculty, Education

* Steering Committee Liaison – Patrice Davis, Faculty, Social Sciences

Standard VI Working Group Membership
Matilda AbavanaFaculty, Business
Elizabeth BarkleyDirector, Information Technology
Yvette Jefferies (Co-Chair)Director, College Advancement and Foundation
Jinsoo ParkDirector, Institutional Research
Rachel PerniaFaculty, Business
Joanna Ramos-RibeiroAssistant to the Dean of Community, Continuing Education, and Workforce Development
Alice Sanchez-VinciHR Generalist, Human Resources

* Steering Committee Liaison – Mohamed Seddiki, Executive Dean/CIO, Administrative and Learning Technologies

Standard VII Working Group Membership
Carlos Rivera (Co-Chair)Faculty, Business
Mary Ellen CarpenterFaculty, Radiology
Andrew McCarthyAdjunct Professor, English
Cheryl Newton-BanksDirector, Enrollment Services, West Essex Campus
Joanna RomanoDirector, Education Opportunity Fund
Brian ShubeAdjunct Professor, Business
Robert SpellmanFaculty, Art
Victor StolbergCounselor, Student Development and Counseling
Jean Wilner-AlexandreFaculty, Business
Edmund AkweiAssistant Bursar

* Steering Committee Liaison – Yvette Henry, Executive Director, Human Resources


In addition to the Steering Committee and seven Working Groups, four additional small teams were created to work with the Steering Committee and Working Groups, each with a specialized role. Each is led by a member of the Steering Committee, have three members, and may draw additional help from other members of the College as needed.

Communications Team 
Oversees outgoing communications from the Steering Committee to the College community. This includes communications to employees, students, alumni, the President’s Cabinet, and the Board of Trustees as described in the Communication Plan in Section 10.Leigh Bello-de Castro (Team Leader)

Associate Dean, Student Affairs/Special Projects

Wayne Yourstone

Senior News Writer, Marketing and Communications

Jayson Hull

Marketing Assistant/Webmaster, Institutional Advancement
Verification of Compliance Team
Assists the Steering Committee and the Working Groups to ensure that the 15 Requirements of Affiliation are fully addressed and properly reflected in evidence throughout the Self-Study Report. Oversees the Verification of Compliance Plan as described in Section 8.(Team Leader)

Christine Soto

General Counsel

Shaliele Hunt

Administrative Assistant, Finance
Evidence Inventory Team
Assists the Steering Committee and the Working Groups by providing an electronic platform and methodology for the cataloguing of evidence related to the Self-Study Report as outlined in Section 12.Jeffrey Lee (Team Leader)

Faculty, Program Coordinator, Environmental Science

Aneliia Chatterjee

Librarian, Faculty

Yelena Lyudmilova

Assistant Director, Education and Computing Technologies
Student Outreach Team
Assists the Steering Committee and the Working Groups by coordinating contact with students as-needed to ensure the student voice is considered throughout the Self-Study in an efficient, yet effective manner.Keith Kirkland (Team Leader)

Dean, Student Affairs

Jamil Graham

Director, Student Life and Activities