If teaching is the career path you wish to pursue, Essex County College(ECC) in collaboration with participating New Jersey Community Colleges and New Jersey City University (NJCU) offers the New Pathways to Teaching in New Jersey (NPTNJ)Alternate Route program. The program was designed to provide an opportunity for people who have earned a BS, BA, or higher degree, but did not complete a traditional teacher preparation program, the necessary skills and course work to become teachers. The NJPTNJ program has been approved by the New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE) and follows all state guidelines for participants to earn state licensure.

Prospective teaching candidates can take the first step in the NPTNJ program here at ECC using a curriculum created jointly by NJCU and the two-year schools. Successful completion of the Alternate Route Teacher Certification program provides students with 24 credits toward a Master of Arts teaching degree from NJCU. Participants will also receive permanent state teacher certification upon completion of the program and applicable state Department of Education requirements

Basic Eligibility Requirements

  • Bachelor’s or higher degree
  • GPA of 3.0 for graduates after September 1, 2016. GPA of 2.75 minimum for graduates prior to 2016 in highest degree obtained.

Applicable certifications through the ECC’s NPTNJ program include elementary, middle school specialization, and secondary content area in English, math, sciences, social studies, or modern language, theater arts and speech and special education.

ECC offers the 50 Hour Introduction to the Teaching Profession and Praxis Academic Core for Educators Prep Course.  Please review our course information on the left side of the page

In addition ECC will host Information Sessions regarding the NPTNJ and admissions to the programs.

Please contact the Community and Continuing Education Department at 973-877-1869 or 973-877-3079 for further information.

Introduction to Teaching

The 50-Hour Pre-Service Course 
This pre-service course is framed around two critical areas: (1) an overview of and preparation for the skills and tools needed for the teaching profession; and (2) essential attitudes and dispositions needed to maintain poise as novice teachers in diverse communities.  The course’s primary intention is to provide a snapshot of teaching.  For instance, it addresses concerns related to classroom management, lesson planning, types of diversity in the classroom, along with personal expectations and actualities.  Moreover, the course prepares participants to begin their search for a new job. For many, this means understanding what schools are looking for in teachers, recognizing education buzzwords and preparing demonstration lessons.  This course is comprised of 50 hours including 30 hours of instruction, 8 hours of classroom observation, and 12 hours of clinical experience.  The course will provide the participant with a “clinical” opportunity through structured observations in a school setting.  Collaboration with school districts will provide both a window of opportunity for the candidate and a potential recruitment tool for the district. In addition, 12 hours of clinical work such as tutoring or substitute teaching will offer candidates the opportunity to work with students in an authentic environment.

Fee: $299.0