Revised Time and Attendance Reporting for Payroll

Effective April 1, 2020

All employees except for adjunct faculty will be expected to complete weekly the revised online Attendance Form. These employees include administrative, faculty, professional, support staff, police, security and temporary/part-time staff, and work study students. The online Attendance Form has been revised and enhanced for greater accuracy in the reporting of attendance. There will be a separate form with a different link corresponding to the actual reporting period. On Wednesday of each week, an email notification shall be sent to all employees with the correct online links for access to the forms applicable to the current payroll reporting period.

Reference documents providing procedures and step by step instructions for online reporting, along with Kronos usage instructions, are available on the Human Resources Time & Attendance Online Reporting page. Click here to access.


Employees will be expected to record for the work week the days and hours worked, regardless if worked on campus or remotely, and the days and hours not worked whether absent or having no work assigned by the Supervisor. Adjunct Faculty (credit and non-credit), including other employees who are working a second job assignment as an adjunct faculty, are not to use the online Attendance Form.

Supervisors will continue to be responsible for the assignment of work and the posting and reporting of time in Kronos, Banner Webtime Entry or via Timesheets for employees to be paid. Supervisors are to rely on the Attendance Form received via email to review and approve time worked and absences reported. Supervisors will be required to ensure that time is posted in the Kronos or Banner Webtime Entry systems by 10:00am on every other Monday for payroll to be processed. Instructions on how the access and maintain time in Kronos are attached for those who may not be experienced or need a refresher on the usage of Kronos.

Supervisors without access to Kronos will be required to contact the Human Resources Department – Denise Mayers at or Doris Colon at – to obtain a login id and password.

Supervisors without remote access to Kronos will be required to come on campus to record time in Kronos. Supervisors who desire remote access to the Kronos are to contact the Help Desk at as soon as possible for assistance.

Any questions or inquiries with regard to the reporting of time via timesheet submission should be directed to the Payroll Department via email at

Any questions or inquiries with regard to the reporting of time or use of Kronos should be directed to Human Resources Denise Mayers via email at or Doris Colon at



The priority of the College during the evolving pandemic situation of the coronavirus is to ensure the safety and health of students, faculty, adjunct faculty, staff while maintaining the continuity of essential academic and administrative operations and services of the institution. To address essential operational needs and staffing capabilities during the pandemic, the following guidelines provide flexibility and latitude in work and leave arrangements. These guidelines will continue to be updated and remain in effect as the College deems necessary. These guidelines may not cover every possible situation. For those circumstances that arise and have not been identified, employees and supervisors are to contact Human Resources at for guidance.


Work Expectations

Full-time and part-time employees and work study students are expected to report and work their assigned schedule as usual, unless an absence or leave is required or permitted under the circumstances set forth below. Employees must not come to work if they: (1) are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 such as cough, fever and shortness of breath or (2) have been exposed to someone diagnosed with COVID-19. Supervisors are to ensure that employee work schedules are documented and, where applicable, recorded in the Kronos time and attendance system.

Nursing and Health Science classes as well as laboratory and studio classes may no longer meet in person until further notice.

Voluntary Work From Home Option and Reduced Staffing Schedules

To enhance social distancing in line with the Governor’s Executive Order and the Guidelines issued by the Secretary of Higher Education, Essex County College will allow an employee to voluntarily opt-in to work remotely, effective Wednesday March 18, 2020, with supervisor approval in writing. The ability to work remotely may be granted where the supervisor, in their discretion, determines: (1) the job duties can be performed remotely; (2) the employee has the capability and technical knowledge to perform the work remotely; and (3) the operational needs of the College does not require the employee to be physically present. Employees who are approved to work remotely will be required to maintain a telephonic/video conference ability through the Zoom platform during their working hours. In addition, such employees, may be recalled to work at the College upon a supervisor’s request, with a prior day’s notice. Area Heads retain final discretion as to the approval and terms of any remote work arrangement.

Because fewer students will be on campus and to promote social distancing. Supervisors may, with their Area Head’s approval, exercise discretion to reduce the number of hours or days in which the employee is required to report to work. Such an arrangement should only be used when it can be ensured that the service offered by a particular department/area can still be reasonably delivered. Any employee’s whose schedule is altered will be required to maintain a telephonic/video conference ability through the Zoom platform during their working hours and remain “on call” during such time.


The College will make childcare available to employees who are required to report to work and whose children’s school district or childcare provider has closed due to Coronavirus. Childcare will be provided by the College’s Child Development Center Staff on a limited basis subject to criteria which will be provided shortly. While the College remains open, priority for childcare will be given to employees whose work cannot be performed remotely.

Reducing the Risk of COVID-19

  1. We ask all employees to cooperate in taking steps to reduce the transmission of communicable diseases in the workplace. To mitigate the impact of the virus, the College seeks the cooperation of all employees to practice social distancing, good personal hygiene, and to take personal responsibility for their cleanliness of their own workspace be it an office, cubicle and/or assigned equipment. Employees should avoid, as much as practical, using phones, desks, offices, tools or equipment that are used by other employees. Employees who become sick while at work should go home immediately. Employees are encouraged to take precautions to ensure the safety and wellbeing of themselves and those around them by following guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) If you wish to report any unsanitary condition, or exposure to a sick individual while at work, you may anonymously call the College’s Compliance Reporting Hotline at 1-800-634-3364.These guidelines are subject to change as more is learned about COVID-19. Contact Human Resources at (973) 877-3085 or via email at

Do I still come to work? I thought that the governor and mayor ordered me to stay home?

  • If you can do your job from home you will be advised by your supervisor or department head. Everyone whose job can be done from home will be allowed to work from home during their regularly scheduled hours. Your supervisor will let you know what your responsibilities are. You may be asked to come to campus from time to time.
  • If you cannot perform your job from home, you will need to report to the College. The College will be adjusting schedules to ensure as few people as possible are on campus. Check with your supervisor to see if your work schedule changed.  The Governor’s Executive Order 107, Paragraph 11, permits the College to call in employees necessary to ensure that essential operations can continue despite the shelter-in-place order.
  • Don’t come to work if you are suffering the symptoms of Coronavirus: fever, body aches, dry cough and shortness of breath. See your doctor as soon as possible.

I live in one of the areas in Newark that the Mayor said should shelter-in-place, can I still come to work?

  • The Mayor’s directive also allows essential employees to report to work during this time. The Mayor’s shelter-in-place order means residents in these three areas must stay indoors, unless they need to go out to get food, for medical reasons, to pick up prescriptions, or if they are an essential employee.

How do I report my time and attendance?

How do I report my time and attendance?

The online Attendance Form is to be completed and electronically submitted by 6:00 pm on Thursday of each week with actual time for Sunday through Thursday and projected time for Friday and Saturday. The form will change each week to reflect the actual dates for the current week. On Wednesday of each week, an email notification shall be sent to all employees with the correct online link for access to that week’s form.

  • If you used Kronos …

The online Attendance Form shall be a temporary replacement to the Kronos time clock. For employees who were required to clock in time using Kronos, will no longer clock in or out through the Kronos time clock. Instead, these employees will be required to complete and submit weekly, not daily, the online Attendance Form regardless if working, or not working, on campus or remotely. The Kronos time clocks are not to be used during this temporary arrangement.

  • If you used Monthly Attendance Form …

Employees who report time once a month using the Monthly Attendance Form will be required to complete and submit the online Attendance Form weekly regardless if working, or not working, on campus or remotely. At the end of each month, Supervisors will be expected to complete, approve and submit to Human Resources the Monthly Attendance Report using the data reported on the online forms.

  • If you used Timesheets …

Employees who report time using a Timesheet Form will be required to complete and submit the online Attendance Form weekly regardless if working, or not working, on campus or remotely. Supervisors will be expected to complete, approve and submit the Timesheet Form or report the employees time to Payroll as directed by the Payroll Department.

  • If you used Banner Webtime Entry …

Employees of the Information Technology Department who report attendance via Banner Webtime Entry will be expected to complete and submit the online Attendance Form regardless if working, or not working, on campus or remotely. The data reported on the online form shall be posted in the Banner Webtime Entry system by the Supervisor unless otherwise directed by the Supervisor.

  • If you are a faculty employee …

Instructional faculty are to report their time based on the instructional work schedule for their assigned contact load. Non-instructional faculty (i.e., librarians, counselors, lecturers except Lecturer A) are to report their hours based on their weekly work schedule. Faculty should not / need not report time associated with office hours, supplemental/stipend job assignments, other job assignments or other work performed.

  • If you cannot access the online Attendance Form …

For employees who may not have access to the Internet to complete the online form are to call in their time directly to the Supervisor prior to the 6:00pm Thursday deadline of each week. It shall be the responsibility of the Supervisor to maintain and complete the form on behalf of the employee. A separate form is to be expected to be completed each week for each employee who calls in their time.


When do I have to use my accrued time (example: sick time, vacation, personal days)?

    • An absence occurs whenever you are unable to work either from home or by reporting to campus.

    You must use your accrued time when…

    • You will be required to use accrued time for absences not related to COVID-19. These include, but are not limited to, sick time not related to COVID-19, vacation days, and personal days.

    You don’t have to use accrued time when…

    • You will not be required to use accrued time if your supervisor sends you home because no work is available. However, you may be reassigned to a different area with different responsibilities. Please check for updates as this policy may change at any time.
    • COVID-19 Related Absences will not be required to utilize accrued time. You may be required to submit documentation proving that the absence is COVID-19 related. COVID-19 Related absences include: (1) being sick with COVID-19; (2) being ordered to quarantine; (3) taking care of a child whose school has closed due to COVID-19 and there is no work for you to do from home; and (4) taking care of an immediate family member who is sick or displaced due to COVID-19 and there is no work for you to do from home.
    • You will not have to use accrued time to work your scheduled hours from home.

    If you are not comfortable coming to campus because you at a higher risk…

    • If you do not feel comfortable coming to campus because you at a higher risk if you get COVID-19, please contact Human Resources to ask for a reasonable accommodation to your job duties. If you choose not to work before a reasonable accommodation is granted, you will need to use your accrued time.

All of the above may be subject to change at any time.