Institutional Research


Fast Facts is published once a year in November. This two-page brochure contains Key Performance Indicators (KPI) including Credit and Non-Credit Enrollment, Student Demographics, Enrollment by Major, Degrees and Certificates Conferred by Major, Tuition, Regional Population, and Retention Rate and Graduation Rate.

Fact Book & Outcomes

Fact Book and Outcomes is published once a year in December/January. This book covers Institutional Background, Enrollment Information and Demographic Profiles, Graduation Statistics, Retention Rate, Graduation Rate, Transfer Rate, and other Outcomes. Beginning in 2014, this book also tracks the Strategic Plan outcomes.

Institutional Profile

The New Jersey Commission on Higher Education collects data from all state colleges and universities. These include accreditation status, students served, characteristics of undergraduate students, degrees conferred, student outcomes, characteristics of faculty, characteristics of the trustees, a profile of the institution, and public service and major capital projects underway.