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College Answers Call to Help Our County

When asked to help by the Office of the Essex County Executive in the growing COVID-19 crisis, Essex County College (ECC) was more than willing to oblige. The outbreak is putting tremendous pressure on available healthcare resources, and ECC is in position to immediately help fill the precious supply need.

This past Saturday, a team of College personnel collected medical supplies from various campus offices and storage areas. The supply filled boxes were then given to the Essex County Office of Emergency Management.

“We were more than happy to share our supplies in order to help our fellow county residents in such dire times,” said ECC’s President, Dr. Anthony E . Munroe. “While we obviously focus on our students, it is important to help all our citizens, especially when such a serious need arises.”

The supplies were provided by the College’s Department of Nursing, Radiography Program and Training, Inc. Supplies included N95 masks, surgical masks, surgical gowns, gloves, and isopropyl alcohol.

“We were able to provide critical Personal Protective Equipment,” said Dr. Gale Gage, Nursing Department Chair. “With the severity of the outbreak, this is the time for all of us to come together and help make everyone safe.”

Training, Inc’s. supplies came from the Medical Assistant, EKG and Phlebotomy training programs, said Director Mitra Choudhury. “We have about six months of supplies, which is fine, because so many people need it now,” said Director Choudhury.

The College’s donation effort on Saturday was coordinated by Mohamed Seddiki, Executive Dean/CIO for Administrative and Learning Technology. “We had a lot of boxes to donate. We must do what we can to help,”