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College Offering Summer Workforce Development Training Programs

Essex County College is launching a series of customized, short-term training courses, starting in May, for career-building skills during and after the COVID-19 crisis. All the Workforce Development Training programs, starting the week of May 18, will be offered through remote instruction.

“The courses are four to six weeks in length, and provide quick turnaround for people seeking to upgrade their skills for career advancement, enter a new field or initial entrance into the workforce,” said Dr. Elvy Vieira, Dean of Community, Continuing Education and Workforce Development. “The remote instruction allows students to continue to learn marketable skills and overcome the technical divide during this pandemic,” she added.

Dr. Vieira said following completion of these courses, students will either receive a certificate of completion or be eligible to take the certification test in their specific fields.

“At this time, it is extremely important that we are able to offer remotely the kind of short-term training our residents need in order to advance themselves,” said Essex County College’s President, Dr. Anthony E. Munroe. “This is yet one more service we are able to provide our residents,” he added.

The Workforce Development Training programs to be offered include:

· Medical Terminology – (45 Hours) 3 Hours -Monday, Wednesday & Friday
· Medical Law & Ethics – (24 Hours) – 2 Hours- Tuesday & Wednesday
· Nutrition – (30 Hours) 3 Hours Monday, Wednesday & Friday
· Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) – (30 Hours) – 3 Hours Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday
· Confined Space OSHA Standard – (8 Hours) – 2 hours Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday
· OSHA Supported Scaffolding – (4 Hours) – 2 Hours – Tuesday & Wednesday
· OSHA Disaster Training – (16 Hours) – 2 Hours – Thursday & Friday
* Preparation for Microsoft Office Suite (MOS) – one course at a time: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Outlook

Begin Preparing for a Career in Allied Health – (Theory First Model!)
* Patient Care & Safety includes MS Word & Customer Service
* Preparing to work in a healthcare setting includes medical terminology, Theory of EKG & Phlebotomy
* Pharmacy Technician
* Medical Billing and Coding

Preparation for Supply Chain Certification: Customer Service and Warehousing

Career Planning –
* Employment Preparation – Upcoming Trends, Networking, Interviewing Techniques and Tips
* Using Zoom for Educational & Professional Advancement
* Using Google Classroom, Google Meet and Google Hangouts
* Project Management
* Cybersecurity
* Technology Programs

For further information please contact Carmen Pichardo,, Tanya Wright,, or

Online classes in English as a Second Language (ESL) for Adults. These remote instruction classes will be offered May 19 to July 2. Student schedules will be determined by a pre-test result and an advisement session; after which the student will be placed into one of the following courses:
ESL Literacy—ESLN 710 * ESL Beginning—ESLN 714 * ESL Intermediate—ESLN 718 * ESL Advanced—ESLN 722
Program and registration questions should be emailed to Ileana Rojas –