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Tie A Tie Program a Big Success

Student volunteer George Balloutine offers tips to Mathematics Adjunct Professor Martha Scola
College Counselor Victor Stolberg assists a student with his tie

The brightly colored ties neatly placed on the table outside the College’s Student Development and Career Services offices caused passersby to stop, look and even browse throughout the day on March 3.

These ties, donated by College personnel, were the key elements for a Student Development and Career Services initiative. The office held a Tie A Tie program where volunteers assisted students and staff on the intricacies of learning the proper way to secure that frequently elusive perfect knot.  

“We had over 100 students stop by and learn how to “tie a tie,” said Shirlgandy Saint Jean, Coordinator of Career Resources and Student Development Initiatives. “We’re assisting our students for when they go out for a job interview” or other times when a tie is necessary, she added.

Colin Akparanta listened intently to student volunteer George Balloutine as he learned how to tie a Single Windsor knot. “I will be back,” the Supply Chain Management major said before heading off to class.

Essex County College alumna (Class of 2009) and now ECC Mathematics Adjunct Professor Martha Scola stopped by for a quick lesson. Professor Scola explained that she wanted to be able to assist her husband on “looking spiffy” when a tie is required. Ever the mathematician, she added, “A twisted knot would ruin the elegance of an expensive tie, just as a twisted 8 looking like an infinity sign (∞) would ruin a math equation.”

The College’s Student Development and Career Services is under the direction of Dr. S. Aisha Steplight Johnson.

Ms. Saint Jean said the positive feedback received may lead to more Tie A Tie days.


Photos by Shalia Story – Graphics Department