Office of Student Development and Counseling

Dr. S. Aisha Steplight Johnson
Director of Student Development & Career Services

The Office of Student Development and Counseling (SDC) provides support to assist students in being successful during their time at Essex County College. The office is led by Dr. S. Aisha Steplight Johnson, Director of Student Development and Career Services. The Office of Student Development and Counseling offers counseling, assistance with accommodations, career resources, and advisement for graduating students to smoothly transfer to four-year colleges.


Counseling Services

Students who need assistance with their academics or personal matters can see one of our three Counselors–Professor Kathlyn Battle, Professor Victor Stolberg and Dr. James Johnson.

Differently Abled Services

Students who are differently abled may see Ms. Maria Mercado, Coordinator of Disability Services to self-identify and discuss their needs. Some services provided include:

  • Writing accommodation letters.
  • Referring students to outside agencies.
  • Teaching relaxation techniques.
  • Acquiring PDF versions of books.
  • Communicating with Professors and Chairpersons on behalf of students.
  • Finding tutors.

Career Resource Center Services

Career Services provided by the Office of Student Development and Counseling include:

  • Career Planning Workshops
  • Career Awareness Online Tools such as Career Coach
  • An Employer Panel
  • Resume Writing
  • Mock Interviewing
  • Dress for Success
  • Mini Career Fairs
  • Placement into Federal Work Study Jobs, Internships, and Off-campus Jobs

The staff members who assist students with these career services are:

Ms. Kayla Stepinac, Assistant Director of Career Services
Mrs. Fatima McMahon, Coordinator of Job Development and Federal Work Study


Transfer Services

We want students to “Begin with the end in mind.” It is to a student’s advantage to complete a certificate or degree while at Essex County College. When students are ready to graduate from Essex and meet with Four-Year Colleges and start applying to Four-Year Colleges, they can come to the office to meet with Ms. Chanda Webb who is the Academic Advisor—Transfer Students.

Contact Us

You may reach the Office of Student Development and Counseling (SDC) by calling our Technical Assistant Mrs. Jennifer Wicker-Buchanan at (973) 877-3350. We are located in Room 4122. SDC Regular office hours are Monday through Thursday 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM, and Fridays 8:30 AM to 3:00 PM during the Fall and Spring semesters.