General Administration
Date or Time Period


September – November 2020

Institution Representatives attend the Self-Study Institute

Administer a Nominations for Participation electronic sign-up, College-Wide
November 2020

Finalize the Steering Committee

Identify Working Group Chairs and Co-Chairs

Begin drafting the Self-Study Design

Meet with Institutional Advancement to begin developing our Self-Study webpage
December 2020

Meet individually with Working Group Chairs and Co-Chairs to establish Working Group membership

Outreach to obtain informal confirmations of willingness to serve by Working Group members

Provide an update to the President and the Board of Trustees on the development of the Self-Study Design

Create a late-stage working draft of the complete Self-Study Design

Conference call with our MSCHE VP Liaison (Held on 12/21/20)

Send a Pre-Winter Break Update to the Steering Committee, Working Group Chairs, and the Cabinet
January - February 2021

Official letters of invitation to be sent from the President to all Self-Study Team members

Host the first full Steering Committee meeting to review and obtain feedback the late stage working draft of the Self-Study Design

Host an Orientation with the full Self-Study Team

Host an ALO and VP Liaison Conference Call to finalize the agenda for the Preliminary visit

Deliver training to the Self-Study Team on the use of the SPOL Accreditation Module

Host our Preliminary Visit with our VP Liaison (Scheduled for 2/11/20)

Acceptance of the SSD by the Commission
Spring 2021

Working Groups begin meeting to work on their Charge

Conduct a spring 2021 Town Hall Event
Fall 2021

Working groups continue drafting their chapters and compiling evidence

First full drafts of the Standard Chapters are submitted to the Steering Committee and edited into a first draft.

Drafts are posted on the Self-Study website to solicit stakeholder feedback.

Conduct a fall 2021 Town Hall Event
Early Spring 2022

Self-Study Evaluation Team Chair chosen

Visit dates chosen

Accepted SSD sent to Chair

Working groups incorporate stakeholder input and continue refining their chapters and continue to compile evidence until mid-semester.

Working Groups submit second drafts of their Standard Chapters to the Steering Committee
Late spring 2022

The Steering Committee compiles and edits chapter drafts into a final Self-Study Report and conducts a final review in preparation for the Team Chair Preliminary Visit

Conduct a spring 2022 Town Hall Event
Fall 2022

Self-Study Report draft sent to Team Chair (2 weeks prior to visit)

Team Chair’s Preliminary Visit

Self-Study Report finalized based on Team Chair feedback and shared with campus
Spring 2023

Final Self-Study Report/Verification of Compliance/Evidence Inventory uploaded to MSCHE portal (six weeks before team visit)

Self-Study Evaluation Team Visit

Team Report

Institutional Response
June 2023

Commission meets to determine action and notifies the institution