Laptop Bags Donated to ECC’s Adult Learning Center

Laptop bags displayed by, from left, Adult Learning Center Director Judith Celestin; Omarion Jett Dobbs from Guardian Data Destruction; and ECC Adult Basic Education Teacher Advisors Rebecca Feit-Klein and Renae Brown

Students in Essex County College’s Adult Learning Center (ALC) now have laptop bags to carry their electronic devices to and from class, thanks to a donation to the College. Guardian Data Destruction, South Hackensack, donated 177 laptop bags to ALC in two deliveries this summer.

“We extend our deepest gratitude to Guardian Data Destruction for their generous donation of laptop bags. These laptop bags will make a significant difference in the lives of our students, enabling them to safeguard their valuable technology and carry it with ease. Guardian Data Destruction’s support is a shining example of how businesses can positively impact communities and we are truly thankful for their partnership in our mission. Together, we can create a brighter and more connected future for all,” said ALC Director Judith Celestin.

Guardian Data Destruction disposes of no longer needed electronics, dubbed end of life computers and IT assets, for companies, said Sarah Damaskos, Marketing Strategist for Guardian. “Sometimes there are laptop bags with the devices in the shipments we receive. Rather than just get rid of the bags, we look to where the items will do the most good,” she stated.

Ms. Damaskos said donating the bags to the ALC is an example of “Environmental Social Governance,” in which provides sustainability. So rather than the laptop bags being destroyed, they are “recycled” to someone who can use it. 

The bags were subsequently taken to Montclair-based Laptop Upcycle before heading to ECC. The College has an existing partnership with Laptop Upcycle. Laptop Upcycle is a Montclair, NJ based division of HackNCraftNJ, Inc.  Last year, ALC became a Laptop Upcycle location and through this partnership, the organization donated laptops and Wi-Fi devices to the ALC program.

The Adult Learning Center services students who are working toward their high school diploma, U.S. citizenship, Microsoft Office certification, or taking English as a Second Language classes. 

Laptop Upcycle @ EssexCountyCollege-ALC, welcomes donation as part of its goal is to provide laptops, laptop bags and/or Wi-Fi device to its students in need of technology.