Alumni Association

Essex County College Alumni Association

We are deeply committed to supporting Essex County College and its mission, as well as scheduling events and workshops for the College Alumni.

Members of the Alumni Association represent over 45 years of college history from the many programs and degrees offered at Essex. Our alumni family can be found in any professional arena throughout the world.

The main goals of the Alumni Association are:

  • to establish and strengthen the bond between Essex County College and the Alumni,
  • to provide a forum for college Alumni to come together an exchange ideas and professional expertise,
  • to organize fundraising events to help support the Alumni Association, the institution, and students who are in search of scholarships.
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We want to honor YOU, the Essex alumni! If you would like to share your successes as an Essex alumni, please do the following:

  • Fill in your current contact information using the form below;
  • Share your success stories and accomplishments and job changes by emailing Bertheleau Ngakam at

We look forward to hearing from you soon!


Contact Information

Alumni Affairs

Bertheleau Ngakam

A. Zachary Yamba Building

303 University Ave.

Room 3190

Newark, NJ 07102



Elected Board Members

Fiscal Year: 2021 -2023


Nkuah Asare

Vice President

Stephanie Carter


Patrick Saint Fort

Corresponding Secretary

Allison James-Frison

Recording Secretary

Nesseline Belceus


Maria Andrade

Serena Barnes

Corneille Adanou

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