Children will be able to select puzzles, read books and table toys.

Purpose: This time of the morning is for Social interaction, Self-Help Skills, Language Skills.



Breakfast is to be served as children enter the classroom

Individual & Small Group Table Activities After Breakfast: Lotto Games, Books, Manipulatives, Crayon Drawings

Purpose: Small Motor Coordination, Pre, Math and Pre-reading Skills, The ability to make choices, and develop personal relationships.



Circle Time, Group Discussion, followed by planning time in Small Groups

Purpose: To Help Children Express Thoughts, Ideas and Feelings Verbally.



Work & Activity Time Individual & Small Group Activities, Exploration and use of interest Areas: Art, Science, Manipulatives. Library, Blocks Music, Sand and Water and Computers

Purpose: Varies according to Child’s Choice of Activities, Experiences, Ability to make choices, Develop Skills, Further Knowledge& Expand Concepts, Problem Solve,

Develop Personal Relationships, Express Feelings and Develop Inner Controls.



Purpose: Responsibility for Appearance of Environment, Care of Materials Ability to Work with Others Spatial Awareness



Large Muscle Activities, Creative Movement, Outdoor Play or Neighborhood Walk (or A

Combination of These Bases on Weather

Purpose: Physical development & Specific Skill, Spatial Awareness, Self-Expression, Music & Rhythm Skills, Relaxation, Expansion of Children’s Knowledge and Understanding of the World Around Them.



Toileting and Preparation for Lunch

Purpose: Developing Good health Habits



Purpose: Listening Skills, Receptive Language, Vocabulary. Imaginative Thinking, Love of Books



Purpose: Development Health Habits/Self Help

Social Conversation, self-Help Nutrition Concepts



Purpose: Self-Help Skills-Putting out Cots, Making Beds Relaxation, Restoring Physical

Energy. Self-Help Skills-Working Cooperatively



Snack Time, Work and Activity Large Muscle Outdoor Play

Purpose: To Provide A Wide Range of Outdoors Activities and /or Large Muscle & Physical Activities that will allow each Child to respond According to individual Interest and Needs



Language and Social Skills

Purpose: Listening Skills Receptive Language, Vocabulary, Imaginative Thinking, Love of Books



Purpose: Small Motor Coordination, Pre-Math and Pre-Reading Skills, problem Solving



Purpose: Physical Activities, Physical Science, Life Science and Earth Science



Purpose: Reflection of the Day/Home Connections

Story time, Re-enactment of stories Music and Movement


Child Development Center

A. Zachary Yamba Building – Room G302

303 University Ave.

Newark, NJ 07102

Phone: (973)877.3357


Following the NJ State standard, the curriculum balances teacher-planned and child-initiated learning, emphasizing responsiveness to children’s strengths, interests, needs, and learning styles. Nationally known for being forward-thinking, comprehensive, and rigorously researched, the curriculum helps teachers plan and implement content-rich, developmentally appropriate programs that support active learning and promote children’s progress in all developmental areas.

  • Children develop a sense of trust, competence and initiative
  • Acquire learning and problem-solving skills
  • Expand logical thinking and verbal communication skills
  • Acquire concepts and information leading to a fuller understanding of the immediate world.
  • Develop beginning reading skills
  • Acquire beginning writing skills
  • Use all senses in learning

Community Outreach & Field Trips

Our assignment is to teach children the gift of giving back to their community, the gift of volunteerism and caring for others. In return, several local companies and organizations lend out a hand and expose the children to several subject matters of importance. Here is a listing of our community partners:

  • Jude Hospital
  • Newark Museum
  • Newark Health Department
  • Mobile Dentists (Smile Dental Program)
  • Rutgers University’s Paul Robeson Center


Family Resources

Just as it is important to nurture children’s minds, it is important to include parents and families in the children’s educational experience. By offering a variety of programs, events and involvement opportunities, parents and families are encouraged to embark on the educational experience alongside the children.

  • First Aid/CPR certified teachers
  • Parent Advisory Board
  • Parent Handbook
  • Creative Curriculum, the best curriculum in the industry
  • Extracurricular classes
  • Nutritious meals/snack included
  • A private area for mothers to breastfeed
  • A large outdoor playground
  • Special visitors, activities, events, and field trips
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Parent Involvement: Parents are encouraged to volunteer within the classroom, to chaperone field trips and to join our active Advisory Board.
  • Parent Communication: Open communication is an important aspect of successful relationships. The CDC uses multiple avenues to communicate effectively with parents on an ongoing basis. We also encourage parents to communicate with teachers when they have questions, comments, suggestion or concerns.

Philosophy & Accreditation

OUR PHILOSOPHY: It is our belief that young children need adults who respect, accept, understand, and respond to them in loving ways. The goals of the Child Development Center include, but are not limited to the development of a positive self-image, self-reliance, critical and creative thinking and independent thought. We believe in providing safe opportunities for children to explore the world around them, make discoveries, and learn new things in a fun way. We aim to instill a life-long love of learning.

OUR PHILOSOPHY ON ACCREDITATION: For years, the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC)-accredited facility has offered quality day and evening care for the pre-school youngsters of ECC students, staff, and members of the local community. The Center’s philosophy is enhanced by its efforts to seek out and receive accreditation believing that accreditation reinforces the Center’s values:

  • Accreditation is an important early childhood quality initiative. The focus of accrediting bodies is to recognize and promote “best practices” in the early childhood settings.
  • Accreditation defines standards of quality for the field of early childhood care and education.
  • Accreditation helps families and policymakers recognize high-quality early childhood programs and initiatives.
  • Accreditation recognizes teachers as professionals and supports training and professional development.

Essex County College’s Child Development Center is committed to being on the forefront of accreditation so we can continue to raise our standards for the care and education of your child.


We offer a variety of programs as a means to accommodate the needs of the students at Essex County College and the surrounding communities. We work hard to ensure our services are accessible and convenient to the ECC community, including:

  • Full-Year/Full-Day Abbott Program: Free for Newark residents from 8:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. September to June.
  • Evening Care (Monday-Thursday)
  • After Care Wrap-Around Services: 3:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.
  • Summer Child Care Service/Full-Day, Monday-Thursday 7:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
  • Infant Care to 4 years old: (Private Care)
  • Subsidized Care: Program for Parents, Work First, and more


Thank you to everyone who has helped me raise my most valuable possession, Julian. I can’t tell you how much easier it makes life knowing that you can trust the people caring for your child. Thank you so much for everything you taught Julian. From the plays at school, the books, but most of all how to play & share with his classmates at such a young age. Words alone can’t begin to thank you for the year of love and care that you have given Julian and me. We are very grateful to have had your faces greet us every morning for the past year. I just wanted you to know how much I appreciated all of the advice you have given me to help me become a good mom. Without you guys I don’t know how well we would have made it. You helped me in good time and bad and gave me the extra confidence I needed to go on. You were always there to tell me everything will be okay. Thanks for helping give Julian the courage to be proud of being himself and adapt to any environment. I was crying the first day we came in ad will be crying the day that we leave.” – Nereida Lopez, Parent

Parents should choose our center because we have a great curriculum. We are equipped with a large variety of materials for the children. Everything we use is developmentally appropriate for each classroom. When the parents walk into our center the first thing they see is children’s work. When they take a tour in each classroom, they can see the children involved in their work with the teacher’s help. – Cynthia, CDC Teacher


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