You don’t have to be enrolled in a degree program to take courses at ECC.  Some people just want to learn a few things for personal interest, or to fulfill high school graduation requirements, or career advancement or transfer to another college where they may be matriculated, without fully committing to a long-term program, and that’s perfectly fine.  Non-matriculated students are not eligible for financial aid.

Non-matriculating students must bring a college transcript or written permission from the home school to verify course pre-requisites.  It is recommended that non-matriculated students enroll in no more than two courses a semester.

At the completion of 12 credits, non-matriculated students are advised to meet with an academic counselor to review the requirements and complete the necessary paperwork for matriculation.

This is a great option for those who want to obtain a new skill for work, or just to learn something new for themselves. Credits obtained by non-matriculated students can be transferred into a degree program, or transferred to a different college.

How Non-Matriculated Status Works

What you need to know about taking ECC courses as a non-matriculated student.

  • Courses taken as a non-matriculated student count the same as they would for a degree-seeking student, but students must complete the admission process at ECC (or another college, if transferring) before applying them toward a degree.
  • Non-matriculated students take classes part-time – generally no more than two courses per semester. It is recommended that students change their status after completing 12 credit hours.
  • Non-matriculated students are NOT eligible for scholarships or financial aid, and must pay for courses out-of-pocket. Upon matriculation, students may apply for financial aid.
  • Non-matriculated status is a good option for those who are only interested in taking a few select classes, for high-schoolers looking to get an early start on their degrees before graduation, or for those who just want to see if ECC is right for them.