Essex County College reaches out with programs that help high school students bridge the gap to college, and get a jump-start on their college careers in the process.

In keeping with the mission of the College, the partnership programs present educational programming that fosters readiness, retention and success for all students.

Taking Essex County College courses while in high school help students to prepare for the social and academic requirements of college while having the additional support available to high school students.

Benefits of Early College/Dual Enrollment

  • Students can see what college courses entail without being overwhelmed by the classes and a new environment at one time.
  • Enriches and expands current courses offered to high school students
  • College credits earned while in high school may be applied toward college graduation. That means students could graduate earlier from a college. Not only does this factor allow graduates to begin their careers sooner, but it saves money.
  • Establishes a bridge between the high school and the community college allowing high school students a variety of educational opportunities
  • Increases student motivation toward postsecondary education
  • Allows for exploration of college curricula
  • Check the latest publication about our program: College Program Allows High School Students to Earn Dual Degrees (


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Early College

This program provides high school students residing in Essex county with access to College staff and programming that will include:

  • School Tour

To give students an introduction to Essex County College, learn about majors/minors, see facilities/labs, meet current students and staff, and have the chance to ask questions.

  • Summer Boot Camp

The six-week Summer Boot Camp aims to not only prevent the “Summer Slide” which often happens to students during the summer months, but also, propel students, particularly those entering their senior year into a college-ready mindset. Offered to rising high school juniors and seniors.

Students who wish to enroll in Essex County College courses while still in high school may apply to the College and take classes as a visiting student on any of our two campus locations. 

To apply, students must complete the Application for Enrollment (, (apply as a visiting student) and submit to the Admissions Office a letter from the student’s guidance counselor indicating exact courses student is recommended to take (e. g. ENG 101, college composition I). You can view courses offered by ECC at

Courses are offered during the fall, spring and summer semesters. General Essex County College tuition and fees apply

Students will receive an Essex County College grade which will appear along with the course credits on their ECC transcript. These courses may also satisfy high school graduation requirements, depending upon the high school, and may be used to fulfill degree requirements should the student enroll in the College after high school. A transcript may also be requested for other colleges once the grades are posted. 

  • Frequently Asked Questions

What classes can I take?

High School students when enrolled in ECC classes are held to the same standards as regular degree seeking Essex County College students. Students should meet all college pre-requisite and readiness standards and have permission of their school counselors and parents prior to registration. You should work with your school counselor to see which courses you qualify to take. Visit our catalog for course description and pre-requisites: Catalog Home < Essex County College

Are home schooled students eligible for Concurrent Enrollment/Early College?

Homeschooled students will follow the same procedures and guidelines to enroll with the exception of a letter from their school counselor, homeschooled students can bring a written permission from the home school/parents to verify course pre-requisites.

Will I be able to transfer credits earned at ECC?

All credits earned during your time at ECC may be transferred to any public college or university in New Jersey and could be transferred to out of state public and private schools depending on their transfer of college credit policies. Please be sure to check each school’s transfer of credit policies carefully and plan accordingly when considering what courses to take and where you are applying after high school. Use –  search engine that allows you to compare courses offered at one institution and how it will transfer to another.

If you choose to come to Essex after graduating, any of the credits earned in high school will be applied to the major you choose. Academic Advisement ( will assist you with making the best course choices for your degree.


973-877-4475 or 973.877-1899

Dual Enrollment

Provides a perfect opportunity for high-school students to get a jump-start on their college careers and to earn both high school and college credits for courses that have been approved by Essex County College.

Credits earned through dual enrollment can be used toward degree requirements at ECC and/or, depending on the program of study, transferred to a four-year college or university.

Early College/Dual Enrollment courses are taught at the high school or on college campus by ECC adjunct professors, or by high school faculty approved by ECC to teach college courses.

The ECC Dual Enrollment staff and partnering high school carefully select the courses that are offered as dual enrollment courses for each academic year. Most of the courses offered are the introductory level that can be used to fulfill General Education or Liberal Arts requirements in most college degree programs. 

Partnering Schools:

  • Belleville High School
  • Newark Public Schools District
  • Essex County Schools of Technology
  • East Orange Public Schools District
  • Irvington High School
  • Orange High School
  • People’s Prep Charter School

* Registration is completed through your school district. For information on courses available at your high school and registration deadlines, please speak to your guidance department.