Every journey begins somewhere. Yours begins here.

ECC has an open-admissions policy to students at least 18 years old. But every student is different.

Find out what you need to apply, and which kinds of unique programs you might be eligible for.

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Part-time Students
Degree-seeking Students
Non- Matriculated Students

Anybody Can Be a Student

It doesn’t matter who you are, education is always within your reach. You may be coming to ECC as a traditional freshman college student, or you might be carrying more life experience with you.

But whatever your past looks like, ECC is here to help you take the next step to your future. Find the category that fits you below, and get ready to take that first step.

Enrollment Services

Services Provided

College Admissions, Transcript Evaluations, International Student Admission, Registration, Add/Drop, Class Withdrawal, Grades posting, Transcripts Issuance, County Chargebacks Issuance, Enrollment & Degree Verification, Veterans Certifications, Student Record Changes, Degree Audits, Graduation Certifications, Commencement Information, and Diploma Issuance.


The Office of Recruitment offers virtual and in-person assistance regarding admissions and will address any questions related to attendance at Essex County College.



Recruiter Email Address Language Assistance
Roy Harte English
Stephanie St. Clair English
Ehsan Alizadeh English, Turkish, Persian, Pashto
Madeline Mendez English , Spanish
Jean Michel English, Creole, French
Ralder Pena English, Spanish
McCall Roberts English



Rios-Cardoso Sonia
Assistant Director of Enrollment Management and Services
Stephanie St. Clair
Roy Harte
Admissions Advisor/Recruiter
Madeline Mendez
Admissions Advisor/Recruiter
Jean M. Michel
Admissions Advisor/Recruiter
Ehsan Alizadeh
Admissions Advisor/Recruiter
McCall Roberts
Admissions Advisor/Recruiter
Ralder Pena
Admissions Advisor/Recruiter


Enrollment Services

Zee Kassa
Registrar, Assistant Dean
Sonia Rios-Cardoso
Assistant Director
Sanja Dizdarevic
Assistant Director
Marilyn Henry
Manager of Operation


Enrollment Services

Cheryl Newton-Banks
Dennis Rentzis
Kenya Wilson
Admissions Advisor/Recruiter
Assistant Director

Paying For College

Financial Aid

At ECC, student loan debt is not a prerequisite to getting a degree. Find out how you can get federal and state assistance to attend.


You should be rewarded for hard work and high achievement. Find out what scholarships might be available to make your continuing education more affordable.

Payment Options

Any other financial questions you may have about attending ECC – from costs to methods of payment to ways to get help with tuition, the bursar can help.

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