Quality Education at a Fraction of the Cost

Essex County College is proud to provide a high-quality place to continue your education at a reasonable cost. 

To cover that cost, there are several different ways of getting assistance to pay for it that don’t involve money coming out of your own pocket. Between federal student aid and scholarships, many ECC students make it all the way to graduation without incurring either out-of-pocket costs or student loan debt.

Applying for aid is easier than you think. Here’s how to get started.


Types of Financial Aid

There are many different ways to get help paying for college, all with different features. Federal Pell grants are the most common, but you may also be eligible for other grants, special scholarships, or loans.

Find out about the different types of financial aid before you apply, and how they differ.

Payments and Refunds

College should be affordable. At ECC, it is.

Find out more about paying for your education – or getting money back from your aid packages – at the Bursar’s Office.