THE DASHER STUDENT CENTER is the focal point on campus for students and organizations to meet, program events, and participate in leisure activities. For example, clubs and performance groups meet
in a first-class facility where they can work together. The Dasher Student Center is home to exciting student productions highlighting the talents of students and of the community. This prime
location is ideal for in-school and community events. The Dasher Center houses a wide variety of offices and services for student government, clubs, and the student newspaper.

The Dasher Student Center fosters a family atmosphere, promoting a feeling of togetherness that can only benefit the student body at Essex County College. The Center offers more than o place for formal meetings of groups, it is also o spot where students can find their own place within the college.
The center is aptly named after Essex’s beloved friend and farmer trustee/chairperson, Clara E. Dasher. Long recognized as an ardent champion for human and civil rights and far her work and interaction
at the community level, Ms. Dasher’s name on this center serves as an inspiration and memoir of her role as a student advocate.

Areas and locations

Welcome Center, 1st Floor, Room 101

Not to be confused with “The Welcome Center” in the A. Zachary Yamba Building, this Welcome Center is the first door on the left when you walk into the Dasher Student Center. Stop by this office for event information and assistance with starting a club, joining a club, locker rentals, flyer approval or to request a meeting room.

Administrative Office, 1st Floor, Room 107

The Administrative Office is where the Director of Student Life & Activities’ office can be found. Stop by this office for assistance with scholarships, student disciplinary records, club proposal approvals and graduation photos/rings.

Multipurpose Room, 1st Floor, Room 103

The Multipurpose Room hosts art galleries, e-sports tournaments, musical performances, awards ceremonies, end-of-semester parties and a wide variety of club events.

Essex Cafe, 1st Floor, Room 105

The Essex Cafe features vending machines, microwaves, slushies, and tables & chairs to enjoy meals in between classes.

LGBTQIA Safe Zone, 1st Floor, Room 106

The LGBTQIA Safe Zone was created in 2019 and is a diverse, inclusive, accepting and welcoming safe space for everyone. So whether you are a member of the LGBTQ+ community or an ally, stop by and feel the love.

Conference Room A, 2nd Floor, Room 201

The Conference Rooms are available by request on a first come first served basis. Inside, you will find comfy seats, a conference table and a whiteboard. These quiet rooms are perfect for studying, rehearsing or group work.

Student Government Association Office, 2nd Floor, Room 202

Your Student Government Association’s headquarters can be found on the second floor of the Dasher Center. This is where you will be able to meet with your student representatives during their office hours. 

Club Room, 2nd Floor, Room 203

The Club Room serves as the home and meeting place for many of our clubs and organizations on campus. The room is packed with comfy chairs for relaxing, a conference table for meetings, whiteboards for planning, cabinets for storage, and plenty of workspaces for each of our clubs.

Conference Room B, 2nd Floor, Room 204

The Conference Rooms are available by request on a first-come first served basis. Inside, you will find comfy seats, a conference table, and a whiteboard. These quiet rooms are perfect for studying, rehearsing, or group work. 

Craft Room, Ground Floor, Room G02

Whether you need balloons, bulletin board paper, colored paper, markers, glue or any other crafting supplies, the Craft Room stores many of Student Life’s surprises.

ECCO Creator Studio, Ground Floor, Room G03

The ECCO Creator Studio is the home to the voice of the student body, the Essex County College Observer. Originally a print newspaper, ECCO is currently transitioning into a blog/podcast/streaming format to further empower our students and meet today’s technological standards.

Game Room, Ground Floor, Room G05

The Game Room features ping pong, air hockey, pool tables, console games, a big-screen TV and tables for table-top gaming. Stop by after class for some much-needed relaxation and fun.

Study Lounge, Ground Floor, Room G08

The Study Lounge is the quietest room in the Dasher Center and the perfect place to cram for mid-terms and finals.