Scenes from Business Division Week

Business Club officers Islande Jean (Secretary)
and Kedegia Williams (President)

A steady stream of students filled the area outside the Division of Business offices from October 31 to November 2. The attraction was the annual Business Division Week program. 

Information tables focused not only on the Business Division and its varied majors. There was also general information about the College to keep students on track to graduate; tables with representatives from book publishers, and four-year colleges and universities recruitment tables.

“The student respond was phenomenal. Our faculty and staff put a lot of work into making the week a success for our students,” said Business Division Chair Germaine Albuquerque.

Chair Albuquerque said the four year schools were also represented by academic deans who discussed programs with ECC students. “That’s important for students to hear from the visiting deans. He said ECC President Dr Augustine A. Boakye, who initiated Business Division Week a few years ago when he chaired the Division, also met with the visiting deans. 

“The opportunity for our students to hear from potential transfer school officials is important. “For our students, the transfer process begins on their first day at ECC. It’s better to get the information you need to make an informed decision earlier than wait until your last semester,” said Chair Albuquerque.   

Students received information on the 2023 Business Plan Competition, which will be held this coming March. The competition has students preparing a complete business plan which is judged by business professionals. 

Division faculty also told students about the College’s Bloomberg Terminal software, which provides the user with full access to the same real-time financial market data from Bloomberg as do the top business and financial industry experts. The Bloomberg software is located in the College’s Learning Center.