Supply Chain Management Students and Faculty Visit Fleet Distribution Center

Essex students with Alex Habbaz (front left), Professor Pavi Jalloh (second front left) and Dr. Augustine Boakye (back row on right) at Fleet Distribution Center

The recent Essex County College Supply Chain Management field trip to Fleet Distribution Center in Harrison began at the top with a round table discussion with founder and Chief Executive Officer Mr. Alex Habbaz.

Students flipped their regular classroom session for this educational tour to gain practical exposure to Supply Chain Management and the technology that supports logistics, customer service operations, transportation systems, strategic value-add operations within distribution centers and the logic of cross-docking.

In his question and answer session with students, Mr. Habbaz emphasized innovation and development of solutions to meet the needs of manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and end users. He encouraged the students to pursue their career with vigor and know that “while things can go wrong, success comes when we learn from our experiences and reposition ourselves to improve our desired outcomes.”

Supply Chain Management student Madeline Mendez was fascinated by the tour. “This was my first visit to a Third Party Logistics Company. During the tour, we saw logistics processes involving operations, receiving containers, unloading, repackaging and branding products for specific retail and wholesale stores. Seeing our classroom discussions come alive in the real world confirmed the role of Supply Chain Management in our service-driven economy.”

Professor Pavi Jalloh, instructor of the College’s Supply Chain Management courses, added that interaction with industry practitioners is a game changer for our students and Fleet Distribution Center has been an excellent partner for ECC’s Supply Chain Management program

Speaking to the students, Dr. Augustine Boakye, Acting Dean of Liberal Arts & Business, said “our job is to support, mentor and encourage you to keep the momentum. We will give you the keys and show you the doors to opportunities, the rest is up to you to make it happen.”

The A.S. degree Supply Chain Management program was introduced at Essex in January, 2017, the first two-year institution in New Jersey to offer the degree. The program has graduated 12 students to date while 40 students are in the pipeline.