Teentech 2023 Meets its Goals

Students working with a drone

Using potatoes to light up a digital clock

Keynote speaker Jocelyn Allen

The purpose of Teentech 2023 was to encourage young women to further their education in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) fields.  Based on the reactions from the 75 Newark high school girls who recently spent a day at Essex County College (ECC) participating in Teentech 2023, it was mission accomplished.

The all-day event was co-sponsored by ECC and the American Association of University Women (AAUW). The guests were students from Weequahic, Westside and the Newark School of Fashion & Design High schools.  

The students took part in a series of hands-on science workshops conducted by ECC faculty.

In one workshop, ECC Physics Professor Nadia Lvov demonstrated how to turn a small digital clock on using wires pushed into potatoes, lemons, and small cups of soda. The girls were paired into teams. “I’ve seen this on TV but it’s the first time I’m actually doing it,” said one of the Westside High School students. Her classmate agreed as they successfully got their clock to light up.

In the College’s Center for Technology, the students worked with Professor Teryn Cha using Python programming language to fly a small drone. Slowly, each team of students were able to get their drone to liftoff, with one even going up against the ceiling.

Other workshops included DNA extraction from strawberries, making fragrance soaps and learning about food allergies. The students were able to take part in each of the workshops over the course of the day.

Freelance webmaster Jocelyn Allen was keynote speaker. She said that networking is a key to success and to have confidence in one’s self.  “Rejection is merely a redirection. Remember, you are your role model,” she said.   

Dr. Stephanie Falana served as Chairperson of the day’s events. “Today, you will learn about so many opportunities that you didn’t even know about. Keep striving and you will get to where you want to go,” she told the students.

Following the program, Dr. Falana said, “I am grateful for the diligence and dedication of the ECC faculty and staff, the AAUW volunteers, and our keynote speaker Ms. Jocelyn Allen for making today a success.”