Thank you to everyone who has helped me raise my most valuable possession, Julian. I can’t tell you how much easier it makes life knowing that you can trust the people caring for your child. Thank you so much for everything you taught Julian. From the plays at school, the books, but most of all how to play & share with his classmates at such a young age. Words alone can’t begin to thank you for the year of love and care that you have given Julian and me. We are very grateful to have had your faces greet us every morning for the past year. I just wanted you to know how much I appreciated all of the advice you have given me to help me become a good mom. Without you guys I don’t know how well we would have made it. You helped me in good time and bad and gave me the extra confidence I needed to go on. You were always there to tell me everything will be okay. Thanks for helping give Julian the courage to be proud of being himself and adapt to any environment. I was crying the first day we came in ad will be crying the day that we leave.” – Nereida Lopez, Parent

Parents should choose our center because we have a great curriculum. We are equipped with a large variety of materials for the children. Everything we use is developmentally appropriate for each classroom. When the parents walk into our center the first thing they see is children’s work. When they take a tour in each classroom, they can see the children involved in their work with the teacher’s help. – Cynthia, CDC Teacher