Counselors are available to assist students with both academic and personal concerns. Counselors assist students to help them resolve immediate personal and educational problems, including academic jeopardy. Counselors help students review their academic progress and standing, explore various majors, and plan for future education by providing information, access to resources, and enhancing skills to become mindful, goal-directed, and motivated learners.

Students who want assistance with academic and personal concerns may visit the Office of Student Development and Counseling in Room 4122 to receive counseling regarding both academic and personal matters. The office’s professionally trained Counselors are available to help students to understand College academic programs, requirements, and procedures step-by-step. Students needing assistance in planning their educational career are highly encouraged to speak with a Counselor. Students will also receive assistance with issues such as self-improvement goals, study and test-taking skills, stress and time management, personal issues, and career related decision-making.

No appointment is necessary and students may come to Room 4122 on a walk-in basis to see a Counselor. The main office may be reached at (973) 877-3350.

Available Counselors are: Dr. Jim Johnson, Professor Ada Torres, Professor Kathlyn Battle.

Mental Health Counseling is also available for students who need someone to talk to and help finding out about resources on-campus and off-campus that may help them with personal issues. Contact Professor Cassandra Johnson, Room 4122.