ECC’s new Master Plan is designed to refocus the College’s academic direction to create an institution that leads the way for other two-year colleges in the State of New Jersey. By establishing a Global Education program, Essex is aligning itself with a growing trend in the internationalization of higher education around the world, which increases the opportunity for the College to grow its industry leading position.

ECC Global Locations

  • China: Summer Study 5 weeks
  • Cuba: Summer Study 2 weeks
  • Ghana: Summer Study 2 weeks

ECC in china

Africana Institute

ECC Student will have opportunities to study around the world

  • We are creating opportunities for ECC students to complete some of their coursework at various abroad and domestic locations where they can have global experiences that will enlighten their educational experiences while at ECC.
  • The period of study can be from 2 weeks to a semester.

ECC Faculty can teach at globally established locations

  • We want ECC Faculty to expand their global experiences to increase our student’s exposure to global thinkers and experiences

Students from around the world will study at ECC

  • There will be increased opportunities to study at ECC by international students.
  • There will be opportunities to take classes with ECC faculty while studying aboard.