What is CLEP?

Credit by Examination

ECC’s Credit by Examination Program enables students with appropriate knowledge and experience to secure college credit. Credit will be granted to students admitted to ECC who pass examinations approved by Enrollment Services and appropriate academic departments. In some instances, it may not be possible to offer credit by examination because no relevant test exists in certain disciplines. When granted, a grade of “CR” will be entered as transfer credit on each student’s transcript. Credit by examination may be granted for the Defense Activity for Non-traditional Educational Support (DANTES) and the College Level Examination Program (CLEP). Students interested in applying for credit by examination should contact either the Enrollment Services Express Center or the appropriate academic division.


Credit for what you know

CLEP provides a reliable and effective means for colleges and universities to grant credit, placement, and exemption by examination to traditional 18-to 22 years-old students, working students, recent high school graduates, and part-time or nontraditional adult students.  Through CLEP exams, students can at ECC:

  • Place out of a graduation requirement or an introductory course.
  • Accumulate credits toward a degree by demonstrating knowledge gained independently, start studies at a higher level, and save valuable time and money.  This is often the extra incentive needed for working adults to begin or return to college.
  • Show competence in a subject to determine placement, particularly for foreign language courses.
  • Save tuition dollars.  At a cost of $85* per exam, CLEPcan save you hundreds or thousands of dollars.ECC credits granted only if student is enrolled at Essex County College in a degree or certificate program.CLEP credits are counted as transfer credits.  A maximum of 30 transfer & CLEP credits may be applied towards a degree, only if they are required for the student’s curriculum. Testing is done once a month.Score Reports:You will receive your score reports upon completion of the exam.Repeating Examinations:Examinations may not be repeated within six months of the testing date.

If you are interested in obtaining a Study Guide, please visit your local bookstore or The College Board web site at:www.collegeboard.com/clep.



  • Applicants must register on-line for the exam at https://clep.collegeboard.org/started and follow the steps. Once the student is registered, they will need to print their registration ticket and present the ticket to the test center on the day of the exam OR display it on a cell phone.
  • $30.00 non-refundable proctoring service fee is due at the time of scheduling an appointment. Students must register for an appointment at registerblast.com/essex/exam/list.
  • Some of the Composition and Literature exams have optional essays, which some colleges and universities require and others do not. Contact the college or university you are planning to attend to ask about its essay requirements. In the case that the optional essay is needed, there is an additional non-refundable proctoring service fee of $30.00.

For more information, please contact the Testing Center at 973-877-3481.


Essex County College – CLEP Test Course Equivalent

Credit would be awarded to the student achieving a score of the mean level for a “C,”as stated by the College Level Examination Board. Credit is awarded for the following subjects (Download CLEP Course Equivalency List):



Composition and Literature

American Literature No ECC equivalent    
Analyzing & Interpreting Literature No ECC equivalent    
College Composition No ECC equivalent    
College Composition Modular/with essay College Composition I 3 crs ENG 101
English Literature No ECC equivalent    
Humanities No ECC equivalent    

Foreign Languages

French Language Level 1 & 2 Elementary French I & II 6 crs FRN 101-102
German Language Level 1 & 2 Elementary German I & II 6 crs GER 101-102
Spanish Language Level 1 & 2 Elementary Spanish I & II 6 crs SPN 101-102

History & Social Sciences

American Government American Government 3 crs POL 104
American History I American History I 3 crs HST 111
American History II American History II 3 crs HST 112
Human Growth & Development Child Psychology & Development 3 crs PSY 219
Intro. to Educational Psychology Educational Psychology 3 crs PSY 220
Introductory Psychology General Psychology I 3 crs PSY 101
Introductory Sociology Introduction to Sociology 3 crs SOC 101
Principles of Macroeconomics Principles of Economics I 3 crs ECO 101
Principles of Microeconomics Principles of Economics II 3 crs ECO 102
Social Science/ History Introd. Sociology & World Civilization I 6 crs SOC 101/HST 101
Western Civilization I or II No ECC equivalent    

Science & Mathematics

Biology General Biology I & II 8 crs BIO 101-102
Calculus Unified Calculus I or Calculus I 3 crs MTH 114
    4 crs MTH 121
Chemistry General Chemistry I & II 8 crs CHM 103-104
College Algebra Pre Calculus I 4 crs MTH 119
College Mathematics Fundamental Concepts of Modern Mathematics I & II or 7 crs MTH 103-104
  Technical Math I or 3 crs MTH 109
  Introductory College Math 4 crs MTH 100
Natural Sciences No ECC equivalent    
Pre calculus Pre calculus I or 4 crs MTH 119
  College Algebra with Trigonometry 4 crs MTH 113
Financial Accounting Financial Accounting 4 crs ACC 101
Information Systems/Computer Applications No ECC equivalent    
Introductory Business Law Business Law I 3 crs BUS 251
Principles of Management Business Org. & Management 3 crs BUS 101
Principles of Marketing Principles of Marketing 3 crs BUS 211

*effective May 17, 2017


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