Beginning with the Fall 2022 semester, Essex County College requires student’s acceptance of and signature on the ECC Student Responsibility Agreement (SFRA – Click to download) before registration.  We ask that you read this document carefully. 

The Student Financial Responsibility Agreement (SFRA) informs students of the financial responsibilities associated with enrolling for classes, and explains the potential consequences that may be taken if a student fails to meet those obligations.

Our goal is to help our students understand the cost of their education and the financial policies associated with their enrollment at ECC.  This agreement, in conjunction with our website, letters and other documentation, helps define the college’s expectations for payment, and allows us to clearly inform students of our policies related to billing, late payment penalties, contact methods, etc.

The process for completing the Agreement is quick and easy, and should take just a few minutes to do.   At the time of registration, review the SFRA then click the Accept box. 

Completion of the Agreement will lift the account hold immediately and students will be able to proceed with registration.

If you are registering for classes at the college, a SFRA form will be provided for your review and signature.