All cash payments, financial aid awards, agency/employer vouchers and tuition waivers must be submitted to the Bursar’s Office by the semester payment due date. (Tuition Payment Due Dates)

Beginning with the Fall 2022 semester, Essex County College requires all students to accept and sign the ECC Student Responsibility Agreement (SFRA) (Student Responsibility Agreement (SFA) before registration.  We ask that you read this document carefully.

The College no longer drops student registrations for non-payment.  If you decide not attend, you must drop your registration on-line by the drop deadline date (Class Drop & Withdrawal Policy)  to avoid tuition bill liability.

On-Line Payment:

Payment in full or enrollment in the ECC Tuition Payment Plan can be made in the Tuition Payment Portal.

Log onto the Tuition Payment Portal at

  • Enter your Username and complete the Single Sign-On (SSO) with Multifactor Authentication (MFA)
  • Click Pay My Tuition tab
  • Click Make Payment to pay the full tuition payment or,
  • Click Enroll in Payment Plan and make the initial payment required. For additional payments go directly to the Make Payment tab
  • Select the term/semester
  • Click Method to submit payment by credit or debit card or by ACH/electronic check from a checking or savings account.  A bank routing and bank account number is required for ACH/electronic check payments.

There is a service fee of 2.95% or a $3 minimum charge which is established by the credit card processor. There are no additional fees charged when paying by ACH/electronic check.

Bursar Cashier’s Window

The Bursars Office Cashier window is located on the fourth level of the Newark Campus and on the first level of the West Essex Campus.  Payment at the cashier’s window can only be made in cash, check or money order.  All credit and debit card payments must be submitted through the Tuition Payment Portal.  Any student who has previously presented a dishonored check to the College cannot pay tuition with a personal check.

Tuition Payment Plan:

The ECC Tuition Payment Plan allows you to divide tuition bills into two easy to manage payments during the Summer terms and three payments during the Fall I or Spring I terms with no interest charges – just a $50 plan enrollment fee.  To enroll, you must log onto the Tuition Payment Portal.

Tuition Payment Kiosk

Credit and debit card payments can be submitted using the tuition kiosk located at the Newark Campus Bursars Office next to the Cashier’s window.  You can also purchase parking and enroll in the ECC Tuition Payment Plan using the kiosk.

Mail Drop Payment System

If you are paying your bill by money order, cashier check, certified or personal check you can use the tuition payment mail drop system available at the Newark Campus Bursar’s Office or the West Essex Bursar’s Office window. Simply follow the instructions imprinted on the envelopes provided to ensure proper credit to your tuition account. If any of your previous personal checks were returned to the College dishonored, you can still use the tuition payment mail drop system, but you must pay by money order, cashier, or certified check.